‘Bout the me and the site…

(UPDATE) 20/4/2017

Hi! At the time I’m writing this I’m still into Fairy Tail but have gotten obsessed with     Yu-Gi-Oh and just getting into Undertale (Courtesy of my friends)! I turn thirteen in September and I love to laugh but I enjoy highly dark or dramatic things but I can’t handle jump scares! I’m not I huge fan of FNAF (Five nights at Freddy’s), and I really don’t like Pokémon, mainly cause JUST ABOUT EVERYONE COMPARES IT TO YU-GI-OH!!

(Cough) Sorry about that, got a little into it. I have trouble sticking to a schedule so expect delays! I’m home schooled so don’t ask me which school I go to! You can also find me on Disqus, my name is ThatAnimeFanGirl. Speaking of which, I’m not so much a Fairy Tail Fan Girl anymore, but and Anime Fan girl, or and Otaku, (I used to spell Otaku wrong a lot! >#<) I’m also on Devianart, my name is TheNewQueenOfGames. (Yugioh obsessed!) I’m gonna post art on here too, maybe some pictures I find, a comic strip, maybe a quote or two? I don’t know, but it will be getting cooler here! (Hopefully) Anyway, laters guildmates!