Me Update + Yu-Gi-Oh! Zero Sanity


I’ve decided I should be a bit more open with you guys about myself and all that jazz, so I’ve decided to show you guys some bits and pieces for another story I’m working on. It’s a Yu-Gi-Oh story by the name of Zero Sanity, and the idea for it came from a little throw together story that I came up with whilst I was at a sleepover with a friend who’s also into Yu-Gi-Oh (My doing, of course!), and she really liked how it was going, and she convinced me to make it into a full-fledged story. Though to be honest, I don’t usually need much convincing when it comes to things like this.

So I thought I’d put in one of the few pictures that helped me write this story, it isn’t mine, credit goes to the original creator, (that I couldn’t find the name of ’cause it’s like eleven o’clock where I am right now. (PM)) and, the main thing that gave me a ‘eureka’ moment was the fact that the Millenniummillennium_items_owners____part_1_by_maryenne042-d5hlm38 Puzzle had been changed into a sword which I thought was pretty neat!

The first chapter of Zero Sanity is on my Deviantart account, here.

Anyway, gotta scram, I’m completely zonked (tired) right now, and I’ve gotta wake up early tomorrow to go to Port Pirie… (groan) anyway, see ya later guildmates!!









































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