Janie Skyclife Chapter 16 (Warning! The beginning of this chapter is a little dark!)

The group of thugs started looking around franticly, eager not to lose the game to a girl they had been hired to take out. The leader stood stock still, returning Janie’s stare. “What’s wrong? You’re gonna lose if you don’t find the bomb.” Said Janie. “I’ve already found it.” The ganga leader said, pointing at Janie. “You’ve filled the puddle with oil and you have a box of matches in your pocket!” Said the leader triumphantly. “We win!” The rest of the gang looked up. “Wrong. I win.” Said Janie simply. The gang looked surprised and Aaron gasped, his hand shooting to his mouth.

Janie took her hands out of her jean’s pockets showing that her hands were empty. “But then, where’s the switch?” Said the leader, panicking. Janie looked up at the tall metal street lamp, the gang leader looked up at it too, the lightning had been striking close to it. The leader looked down and saw that the pole had been soaked with rain water and it was standing in the same puddle the entire gang was soaked with. If the lightning struck the light pole, then the gang would be fried.

Only Janie and Aaron were safe, Janie was standing on a tire and Aaron was sitting cross-legged on the stone front wall of the school. Janie smiled. “Game over.” There was a flash of light as lightning struck the pole and static flowed through the pole and into the puddle, and into the gang members.

Aaron flinched as the gang members screamed. He shut his eyes and slapped his hands over his ears. When it stopped, Aaron stared at the unmoving bodies of the gang. “Are they…?” he said, not knowing what he should feel at that moment. “No, just out cold.” Said Janie stepping of the tire and around the water towards Aaron. “Why did you do that in the first place?” He asked, a little jumpy.

“I needed some questions answered and I had a feeling they weren’t going to cooperate.” Janie explained, wiping her wet fringe out of her eyes. “I would have answered!” said Aaron. “I know, but if you had been able to answer my questions, they probably would have beaten you for it.” Put Janie bluntly. “Then try me. I know everything that goes on in this group and I’m certain I would know anything else.” Said Aaron, he had to know what Janie wanted to find out.

“Alright, I’ll try you.” Said Janie. Aaron gulped, he hoped he knew something. “What do you know about Terry Boot and Micky Clyde?” said Janie, looking Aaron in the eye. “I know a lot, but let’s get out of the rain first, my jacket’s not gonna keep my laptop dry for long.” He said. He and Janie moved the still unmoving bodies of the gang members into the garden shed near the front of the school, someone ought to be able to find them there.

When they had done that, they left the door open slightly, so that if they woke up they would be able to get out themselves. “Before I tell you anything we need to go somewhere secret, this information I’m about to give you is highly classified, even in our club.” Said Aaron, walking towards the gang’s hideout. “If you want secret I’ve got a better place.” Said Janie, as Aaron made his way up the school wall towards an opening in the attic where the gang hung out. “It doesn’t more secret than in here let me tell you that!” He said. “Oh yeah? How about something so secret that you could only go there if you had the right person with you?” said Janie, coolly. “Ok, where did you have in mind?” Aaron asked, he was very curious about what Janie was saying. “Follow me.” Said Janie, Aaron jumped down from the roof and followed Janie to the big oak tree where she, Terry and Micky usually hung out.

Janie climbed up, helping Aaron in some difficult spots, Janie blinked as the rain pelted down, they were only partially sheltered by the leaves. Janie hadn’t learned how to make the storm go away yet. Then at last they reached the top. “It doesn’t feel very safe up here!” Aaron yelled over the wind as it whistled in their ears and threatened to blow them off the tree.

Janie slowly stood up, keeping her balance as much as she can. “It’s not supposed to look safe!” Janie called back. She held her left arm in front of her, her fist clenched in front of her face. Janie was a little nervous, she had only done this once, if she didn’t do it just right, she’d be blown off the top of the tree! She concentrated as hard as she could, rain pelted down and wind blew, threating to blow her and Aaron off!

Aaron held on tight to the branch Janie was standing on with his hands, arms and legs, his eyes shut tight. “What are you doing!?” He yelled over the wind. His dark red glasses slipping and sliding on his nose as the branch shook.

Janie concentrated, blocking out the wind and rain. She thought about what she wanted her magic to do. Janie opened her eyes slightly, and saw that she had been able to turn her left arm, into her Phoenix form’s left wing. Gently, she plucked out one of her feathers with her teeth and switched her arm back to normal. She held out the long scarlet feather with her left arm while her right arm was holding onto the branch. She held out the feather and said, “Open, Nest of the Three Wings!” and the scarlet feather glowed gold.  “Aaron!” Janie yelled back down to him. “What!?” He yelled up to her, “Do you trust me?!” Janie called. “That depends on the situate-!” “I said, do you trust me!?” Janie yelled. Aaron’s eyes flew open, and he looked up at Janie with a questioning look in his eyes.

“Yes!” He said. “Good!” Janie let go of the branch with her right hand and grabbed Aaron’s arm, Janie gently pulled him up onto his feet. “When I signal, jump!” said Janie, looking Aaron dead in the eye. “Are you crazy?” said Aaron. “You’re the hacker!” “Good point.” Janie grabbed his hand. “Jump!” She yelled, Aaron just barely heard her. A few feet from where they jumped, they disappeared.

Aaron shut his eyes as he jumped, he didn’t want to see himself go splat. Then he noticed, he didn’t seem to falling anymore. He felt Janie let go of his hand, and he opened his eyes a little, and then they shot wide open. He wasn’t falling, he wasn’t sure if he was even in the school grounds anymore! But he was standing in what looked like a small wooden cabin. Janie had gone to a small window to Aaron’s left. It looked stormy out there too. He looked around with interest. He was standing in front of a small wood log fireplace that was burning cheerfully. A red leather jacket was draped over a metal bar extending from the mantel, so that the little fire was drying the wet jacket. He was in a small room with two doors, one that looked like the front door, and another looked like it led into another room. A small staircase led up to what looked like a second story.

In front of Aaron were two armchairs to either side of the fireplace and between them, facing the fireplace was a blue three seater sofa with a bronze blanket neatly folded on the back of the couch. Janie was still peering out of the small window next to the front door when Aaron spoke. “How did we get here?” He asked, completely befuddled. (Yeah, it’s a word! Google magic my friends!) “I can’t tell you that, but what I can tell you is that this place has to stay a secret! Got it?” said Janie turning around to look Aaron in the eye.


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