Phoenix Stone Chapter 13

Natalie stood up tall and looked Rogue right in the eye. “That was your best shot?” She said, her hands on her hips. “Take your own advice!” He retorted. “Fine by me!” Natalie said, grinning, as she pulled a silver key out of her pocket. “Teleport!” and just like that, Natalie vanished.

“And she’s gone! Where did she go and where will she show up next!?” The commentator yelled.

Rogue spun around, looking all over the arena for her. Except up. “HAIYAA!” Natalie yelled, dropping on top of Rogue form above. Upon contact Rogue sunk into the ground and flew out of the arena wall and onto his feet again. Tired and surprised, but unharmed.

Natalie had landed on her feet, but when she had touched down on the ground instead of on top of Rogue, like she’d expected, had already straightened her legs for the impact and touching down on the ground had sent a painful shudder through her legs. She fell on one knee, panting.

“And in that split second Rogue slipped away AGAIN! I don’t think this fight’s gonna be over soon folks!”

Natalie raised her hand to point at Rogue. “Hundred Daggers!” She said. One hundred daggers and knives materialized in the air and shot themselves at Rogue. When they were an inch from him he slipped into the shadows again.

“All those knives and Rogue still dodged Natalie’s attack! Is this really an even fight? Is Natalie even on Rouge’s level?”

Natalie gritted her teeth and tried to stand up, she could, but it was painful. Natalie wobbled to her feet, teeth gritted to stop herself from yelling. The knives that had lodged themselves in the arena wall disappeared. Natalie glanced around the arena, it was midday, no shadows except her own. Except her own.

Natalie glanced down and took a painful step backwards, no, her shadow moved with her. Rogue wasn’t underneath her. Then where was he? Natalie heard a whooshing sound and whipped around. “Shadow Dragon’s Iron Fist!” Natalie was shot backwards as Rogue punched her in the side and off her feet.

Natalie gasped and tried to stand back on her feet, but instead, falling on one knee. He didn’t give up. Natalie smiled, if he didn’t want to give up, then she wouldn’t either. “Do you surrender?” He said, appearing and taking a step towards her. “No, I haven’t pulled my trump card yet.” Said Natalie, forcing herself to stand and forget about the pain shooting up her legs.

“Yeah! Go get’em!” “You can do it!” “Punch him into next week!” Natalie heard all this and more as the rest of Fairy Tail yelled and screamed and cheered her on. “You’re sure about this?” said Rogue, his face expressionless. “Positive.” “Very well.” Said Rogue with a sigh, as if resigned to the worst. He came toward Natalie with the force of a bullet, hitting Natalie in the stomach. Natalie flew backwards, but smiling and chanting something.

“My magic power, it’s weakening!” said Rogue, panicked, he knew he hadn’t used much of it yet, so where had it all gone?

Then he noticed something. Natalie was now standing up straight, apparently all leg pain gone, all her scars and bruises were healing. Natalie smiled. “It does feel nice to have lots of magic power. No we can fight on even grounds.” She said, dusting off her black shirt and grey pants.

“We weren’t before?” said Rogue, confused. She had used all those spells before, and she didn’t use any magic power? No wonder he couldn’t sense her when she teleported! “So, you took my magic power?” he said, eager to clear up the matter. “Yes, I did. I had to be touching you to do it so when you punched me it was the perfect opportunity! But it’s only temporary, so you should have it back in an hour or so.” Said Natalie.

“Anyway, to business.” Said Natalie. She ran at him, poised for a punch. “No matter what magic you use it won’t phase a Dragon Slayer!” He said. “I wonder about that!”  Natalie yelled. “Fire Dragon Iron Fist!” Natalie yelled, her fist ignited, smashing into Rogue, who had been to slow to dodge. Rogue skidded a few feet, before stopping and took in what just happened. “You’re a Dragon Slayer!?” He yelled in disbelief. “Aye sir!” Said Natalie.

Back in the stands, tears of happiness were pouring down Happy’s fury blue cheeks as he said, “Now Natalie’s a true friend! You never say my catchphrase Natsu!” “Don’t bring me into this!” Natsu yelled.

For a minute, Rogue didn’t believe his eyes or ears. But the evidence all stacked up. For a minute, the stands were silent, except for Fairy Tail. Fairy Tail was still as loud as it was when the match started!

“Natalie’s a Dragon Slayer? Well this was a plot twist I never saw coming! It’s Dragon Slayer against Dragon Slayer now!” The commentator yelled. Rogue knew he could deal with it later, right now, he was in a fight and he would be victorious, no matter what came up. He moved back into a battle stance and launched an attack of his own.

Natalie knew what Rogue was thinking, she would be thinking the same thing. Right now, she had to fight for her guild and find her previous one, if she had even been in one. Natalie smiled. Rogue started running towards Natalie, so she started running towards him as well. “Shadow Dragon’s,” “Fire Dragon’s,” They yelled as they neared each other. “IRON FIST!” They yelled. Their fists collided, flames and shadows exploded in the center of the arena where the attacks met.

The two Dragon Slayers were shot backwards, but both of them got back on their feet fast as lighting. Natalie pulled out her silver key again, and teleported away. Rogue looked around the arena, wary of where she might show up. He glanced skywards, but she hadn’t appeared there either.

“Fooled again!” came a cheeky voice behind Rogue. He whipped around too little too late. “Fire Dragon Talon!” Natalie yelled, kicking. As her foot came towards his head, Rogue’s hand snapped up and caught her leg before she hit him. Natalie gasped, almost losing her balance. Rogue smiled a little. “Caught you.” He said, before dropping into the shadows beneath them, pulling Natalie in too.


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