Janie Skyclife Chapter 15

Janie looked around at them, clenching her fists. She counted five of them, while one of them stayed on the roof, sitting down and tapping on a small laptop. ‘I can’t handle five without magic!’ Janie though, starting to stress out. Janie looked around again.

There were a few people, too many to use her magic, and she was positive none of them would be able to help her. The intimidators were second on the ‘Feared’ scale at school, Moira and the Twins were first, and third was the dreaded Data-girl, she knew everything that there was to know about every faculty member and every student at the school. Some even considered her a myth.

“You done twitching around flame-hair?” said the biggest one, commonly thought as the leader of the gang. Janie flinched at the insult, maybe a bit of magic couldn’t hurt? No, it was too risky, someone might see, Janie thought. “The only ones that are going to be left twitching are you five.” Janie retorted, sounding more confident than she felt.

The smallest of the gang, the one on the roof shuddered at what Janie just said. He looked not even half the size of some of the boys one the ground. He had short spikey black hair with red tips and black rimmed glasses. He looked nervous, as if dreading being there.

The five intimidators on the ground burst out laughing at Janie’s retort. Obviously sarcasm. Then they all stopped on the same second. The biggest one snapped his fingers, “Aaron!” He said. The small boy in glasses sitting on the roof top jumped. “Yes sir!” He said, and began furiously typing and clicking on his computer. In a few seconds, the school bell rang, signalling the start of class. ‘That can’t be right, we should still have twenty minutes left of lunch!’ Janie thought, puzzled. Then she realised that the boy with glasses, Aaron, had stopped typing. ‘He must have triggered the bell!’ Janie suspected.

The students milling about at the back of the school cleared away back to their classrooms. Leaving Janie and the Intimidators. ‘Yes!’ Janie thought, now she could use magic without being spotted, but she couldn’t use anything too extreme, otherwise she’d give the game away. ‘wait,’ Janie thought. ‘Game, that’s it! Game!’ Then Janie had an idea.

Janie stared at the intimidators for a few seconds, then she sprinted towards the school entrance, hoping that the intimidators were chasing her. Janie’s worries were silenced when she heard the Intimidators chasing after her. “After her men! We can’t let her escape!” Janie glanced for a second up on the roof to see if Aaron was chasing her too, yes he was.

Janie rolled a tire that was leaning against the wall of the school out and on to the foot path and set the tire next to a street light. She chanted a spell in her head seven times and willed a storm to come until she heard thunder rumble from a few kilometres away. She had a few minutes before it arrived. The intimidators cam pelting out the school gates towards her just as the rain began to pour.

Janie stepped forward and into the puddle that was beginning to form. The puddle grew large quickly and had soon covered a large section of the sidewalk. “I’ll teach you for trying get away from us you little twerp!” said the leader. He stepped forward and punched Janie in her face, almost knocking her off her feet. The rain was pouring heavily now.

Another of the gang kicked Janie in the stomach and off her feet. Janie flew backwards and almost landed in the gutter. Janie slowly got up again as the storm fully arrived. She stood on top of the sideways tire. “Let’s play a game.” She said. Her red hair had come out of its low ponytail, and was sitting in a red sheet, her fringe covering her eyes.

“And why would we want to do that?” said the boss. “Because we’ll make a wager. If you win, you all can do as you please with me.” “If you win?” said the boss, already cautious. “You’ll disband your little club and never lay a hand on anyone ever again, including Aaron.” Said Janie, threateningly.

Aaron was sitting cross legged on the stone wall that bordered the school. But from where Janie was she could tell he went white as a sheet. “How do you know we mistreat Aaron? He’s one of the most valuable members of our group.” Said the leader, trying to act as if Janie’s thinly veiled accusation wasn’t true.

“Then let’s play.” Said Janie, looking the leader dead in the eye. Janie’s eyes looked as though they were burning with fury words couldn’t express. But only Aaron noticed this. “Fine let’s play!” said the leader, looking confident. “I have never lost at any game!” “Then let’s go. The game has started.” Said Janie. “I’ve put a ticking time bomb somewhere here. It’s your job to figure out where it is.”


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