Phoenix Stone Chapter 13

“What happened?” Levy demanded. It was evening and Fairy Tail was back at the inn. Natalie and Levy were in their room, and Levy wanted answers. “I told you I don’t know!” said Natalie, pulling out the hair bands holding back her pink pony tails. “You have to know more! You were there!” said levy sitting cross-legged on her bed opposite Natalie’s. “All I know is that Ophiuchus went nuts.” Natalie said in exasperation.

“I haven’t heard of a celestial spirit disobeying it’s wizard before… I know they can disobey the summon, but that’s almost impossible.” Said Levy, taking a book out of her night stand. “Where do you keep getting those!?” cried Natalie in disbelief. She had pulled at least five out of the same cupboard during though day!

“Maybe we’ll get some ideas tomorrow. I’m too tired to think right now.” Said Natalie, blowing out the candle on her bedside table. “Yeah, you and the team have the fighting matchups to take care of tomorrow.” Said Levy, putting a bookmark in her book and putting it back in her nightstand. “We’ll nail them. Night Levy.” “Night!”

The next day was the match fights. Natalie and the rest of the team waited in their designated area in the stands opposite the rest of the guild. “Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the match fights of this year’s Grand Magic Games!” Yelled the announcer. “Today I’m again joined by Mr. Yajima, I’m also joined by special guest Princess Hisui, I’m absolutely flattered you could join us here today your majesty!” “Oh it’s nothing, I wanted to see the fights close up this year.” “Shall we get straight into the first fight? Princess? Mr. Yajima?” “Yes, Let’s!” “I quite agree with her Majesty.” “Alright! The first matchup is, oh, this should be fun! For the first match up, we have Fairy Tail’s new member, Natalie! And facing her, is Sabertooth’s blade in the dark, Rogue Cheney!”

“Bad luck, he’s tough.” Said Gajeel, grinning and patting Natalie on the shoulder. “Gee thanks, that was a real confidence booster.” Said Natalie, already sarcastic. “What Gajeel’s trying to say is, good luck.” Said Levy, “Yeah! You can score some early points for Fairy Tail in this match!” said Romeo. “You can do it! You’re a Dragon Slayer too!” said Wendy smiling. “Juvia agrees. Everyone has their weaknesses, you just need to find them and strike as hard as you can!” said Juvia. “Now go out there and kick some butt!” said Levy. “Alright, time to fight.” Said Natalie, heading down the stairs to the arena.

When Natalie got down to the arena, Rogue was just coming out of Sabertooth’s tunnel left of Fairy Tail’s. “I saw you fight Yukino.” Said Rogue, facing Natalie. “You’re strong but not as strong as I am.” “The one who knows most speaks least.” Said Natalie.

“Things are sure heating up down there! They’ve only just entered the arena and they’ve already started trash-talking!” The commentator yelled. The referee walked onto the field. “Alright! I want a nice, clean fight! Let, the match, BEGIN!” He said.

A loud gong was struck, signalling the start of the match. Natalie undid the catch on her cloak and tossed it aside.

Rogue sunk into to the ground leaving no trace but a shadow sliding along the ground. Natalie watched as the shadow slid towards her, around her and then behind her. Natalie smiled a little, that trick didn’t fool her. Natalie whipped around, and leapt backwards. “Mirror!” She said, creating a shield just before Rogue’s attack landed on her back. But when the shield came in contact with Rogue’s attack, it shattered and disappeared.

The crowd went wild, “That went from zero to a hundred so fast I almost missed it!” The commentator yelled. Natalie landed on her feet but skidded backwards a couple of inches as the shield broke. Rogue sunk into the shadows again and this time completely disappeared. Natalie looked and listened. Using all her senses to try and pin-point him. She looked all around the arena. There weren’t any shadows anywhere. But that left only one possible spot.

Natalie smiled, it looked like she would have to fight fire with fire, literality. Natalie disappeared into the ground so fast the crowd almost missed it. Suddenly, a stream of fire was chasing a stream of shadow across the arena walls. Half way around the shadow pulled the fire of the wall with it as it jumped off the wall. Rogue and Natalie flew out of the wall and crashed onto the ground. The two quickly got to their feet.

The crowd went wild again. This fight was just getting started.


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