Janie Skyclife Chapter 14

One day, Janie was walking to school. She was a little bit worried because she had skipped two days of school before then and she hadn’t been in touch with Terry or Micky, and to make matters worse she had slept in and was completely late. Janie ran through the gates just as the gym teacher, Lauran Robinson, though commonly known as Lexy by most boys in the school, because of her athletic and curvy figure.

“Don’t let me catch you again Janie!” She called after her. “Yes coach!” Janie called back to her. Coach Robinson was always on very good terms with students and teachers alike. Janie sped through the front doors of the school, down the hallway, up the stairs, and down another hallway and into her classroom just before the bell rang.

As Janie sat down at her desk at the back of the class she realised something. The desk in front of her and the desk to her left were both empty. Micky and Terry hadn’t come.

At lunch time Janie was stumped. Terry and Micky hadn’t come in at all. Janie knew they weren’t sick, otherwise they would have called her, and she knew Micky wouldn’t skip school unless it was really bad and Terry had loyalty issues, if something was up he wouldn’t let Micky come to school alone, plus if they were skipping they still would have texted her about it.

Even if something had happened at the school they would have let her know. Everyone at the school except the faculty knew that it was dangerous to be at school without people with you otherwise Moira and the twins would come after you.

As Janie was thinking all this, she had made her way to her locker and had opened it to get her lunch box when a note fell out. She picked it up and read it. It said, in terrible handwriting,

                                                       Come behind the school at lunch.

                                                              Come ALONE!

Janie scrunched up the note and put it into her pocket. She closed her locker, walked out the front doors and towards the back of the school. Lunch would have to wait.

As Janie was walking towards the back of the school, she noticed something. As she walked through the grounds, everyone carefully turned away from her, some had looks of disgust on their faces. Janie was puzzled, usually, anxious and worried looks were aimed at students that were alone.

Janie finally reached the back of the school. She looked around to see if anyone was there, there wasn’t. Janie pulled out her phone to check if Terry or Micky had sent her anything. There was still nothing. Janie took of her jacket and stowed her phone in it, and stowed it behind one of the many cherry trees that doted the school grounds.

Suddenly, she heard a whooshing sound, and several thumps behind her. Janie whipped around to see what it was. It was several of the members of the little known school club called The Intimidators. Aka, bullies and hackers for hire.


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