Janie Skyclife Chapter 13

“Expros momos!” Janie yelled, pointing her finger at one of the men, he keeled over and on to the ground. “What did you do?” One of the others yelled at her. “I just stunned him, nothing to worry about. But I did warn you…” “Enough of this!” said one of the others. He drew his gun and had fired a full round before he realised that none of the bullets had hit her.

“How are they not hitting her?” He whispered in shock. “Sorcery…” Whispered one of the others. “You’re only now just figuring that out?” said Janie, “I used the wind to divert the bullets away from me. Simple.” She said. Putting her hands on her hips and smiling, tipping her head to the side.

“But, how?” the stunned man on the ground whispered, getting back up again. “Never mind that! We need to kill them!” said another. “Oh you want to kill us do you?” said Janie, her eyes burning. Her friends knew that as a warning sign, but the suits knew nothing of the sort. Her dark auburn hair flashed scarlet.

Let’s see how good you are. Rise with a might blaze, burning Phoenix of the searing flame!” she said. Her clenched fists glowed, as though she was holding fire. She clapped them above her head and a Phoenix flew out of her hands.

The men started shooting the Phoenix, but it kept flying out of the way. Then, the Phoenix whooshed down and scooped the four men up on its wings and flew up into the sky, and out through the knot hole in the tree in the real world. Janie laughed to herself. “Come back when you can kill a Phoenix! Amateurs…”    


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