Phoenix Stone Chapter 11

Natalie teleported to the roof just before Ophiuchus lunged for her. “Put a lid on your spirit Yukino!” She said, teleporting off the roof and on to her feet before Ophiuchus’s jaws could close on her head.

“I can’t! The gate won’t close!” Yukino called in her soft voice. On the ground, previously oblivious to Ophiuchus, Gajeel and Rufus stopped fighting for a second. “Peace treaty for the minute?” Rufus suggested, staring at the girl’s predicament. “As long as I can beat up that metal snake, fine.” Said Gajeel.

“We’re coming fair ladies!” said Rufus, teleporting to a few feet above Ophiuchus. “Shinning ice blaze!” Thousands of daggers appeared in the air next to him, and shot themselves towards Ophiuchus, lodging in the spirits scales. The snake glowed purple for a second, and then proceeded to hit Rufus out of the air and into the ground with its tail.

“Rufus!” Yukino cried. She ran over to him, ducking under Ophiuchus’s tail. Natalie teleported onto the roof again. Ophiuchus swept its tail around to hit Natalie. She ducked just in time, but the tip of the tail hit Yukino’s silver key out of Natalie’s hand and off the roof. In the second that Natalie started at the silver key soaring off the roof, Ophiuchus whipped its tail around and finally landed a blow on Natalie.

The giant metal snake tail slammed its tail into Natalie’s chest and knocked her off the roof. Natalie went flying towards the ground. When Natalie was ten feet from the ground, something flew under her and caught her before she hit it. Natalie had her eyes closed, slowly, she opened one eye, then the other. “Libra?!” Natalie gasped, she couldn’t see through Libra’s veil, but she thought she could see a small smile. Libra gently placed Natalie back on her feet before disappearing again.

Natalie stared up at the big metal snake, it was whipping its tail, trying to hit Rufus out of the air, while it was lunging, teeth bared, at Gajeel. Gajeel was trying to cut into the metal snake with his swords, but it wasn’t doing much. Every time he would get hit off and he would just jump on again and hit it again. Yukino was still trying to close Ophiuchus’s gate in vain.

Natalie closed her eyes and concentrated, cupping her hands and using a small amount of magic power, made a small, single flame appear in each of her hands. Concentrating as hard as could, she held the two flames out as far as she could reach, one flame resting in each hand on each side of her. Then, using all her will, she chanted, “Rise with a mighty blaze, Burning Dragon of the Searing Flame!” She yelled, the small flames instantly grew taller and fiercer, then Natalie clapped her hands together above her head.

Not even half a second after she’d clapped the flames together, the shape of a dragon came out of the flames and grew larger, when it’s tail came free, it was as big as a lion! Natalie fell onto her knees, as the dragon soared into the air and at Ophiuchus. The fire dragon soared above Ophiuchus before diving on top of it, tearing it’s teeth into Ophiuchus’s scales, spiked wings slashing into the snake skin underneath. It seemed to be doing some damage. Ophiuchus roared and lunged at the Dragon, it flew back out of the way just in time. Ophiuchus tried to lunge at the Dragon which was high in the air, but missed due to Gajeel hitting it’s head back around the other way in full circle.

Rufus shot ice daggers from the air again, but they all went towards the patch of skin the Dragon opened up. The snake roared and glowed purple again. But this time it sent of a shock wave that caused Gajeel and Rufus to shoot of the snake and onto the ground.

The Dragon dove in for another attack, but the snake wasn’t having it. It whipped its head around and lunged for the Dragon, this time just nicking the Dragon’s wing. The Dragon roared in pain and Ophiuchus took the chance to lunge again, this time, the Dragon dodged.

But Ophiuchus swung its tail around instead and beat the Dragon in to the ground. Ophiuchus paused for a moment and Yukino took a chance. “I command the gate of the snake charmer to close! Ophiuchus! I close the gate!” She yelled, lifting the black and silver key into the air. The key glowed light purple, and then, slowly, Ophiuchus disappeared. The Dragon dissolved into flame, and floated towards Natalie, the fire disappearing when it touched her.

Suddenly where was a sharp crack, and everyone who heard it turned to look towards it. It came form where Levy, Wendy and Romeo where working on whatever they had collected the clues for. Something gold shot out of the window and flew above the little building to form a gold Fairy Tail emblem. Then, almost a second after, a white Sabertooth symbol shot out of a small window in their designated building and shinned above theirs. Then the rest of the teams’ emblems came out of the rest of the buildings although Natalie never saw them enter. She stood up and smiled at the gold Fairy Tail emblem glittering in the afternoon sun.


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