Janie Skyclife Chapter 12

Janie jogged down the footpath on her street towards the sushi train restaurant on the other end of the street. She was listening to music on her phone while she ran, a heavy book bag slung over her shoulder. She was a few meters away from her apartment block’s door when she got The Feeling.

Janie picked a new playlist on her phone, but also looked in the reflection in the glass to see behind her. A man in a black suit and sunglasses came out of an alleyway behind the apartment block.

Janie put her phone back in her pocket and kept up a steady pace to the street corner. As she turned the corner, she saw out of the corner of her eye, another man in a black suit and sunglasses crossed the road and joined the other.

Janie, instead of keeping to the footpath, crossed the road and started heading towards the park. Janie passed a group of kids with glasses coming out of the park. Janie caught a glimpse of three black suited men in the reflection of one of the kids glasses. Janie started running towards what she, Terry and Micky now call, The Cove. Janie ran towards the giant willow tree in the left side of the park.

The willow tree’s strands of leaves acted like a curtain, Janie pushed past them and into the small space where the trunk was. Janie hoisted herself up the trunk. Just after her feet left the ground the suited men came barrelling through the leaves. Janie climbed a little bit higher to a large knot hole in the trunk. Janie swung herself through it as the men, four of them now, started climbing the tree after her. Janie fell into the seemingly endless pit the knot hole lead too.

As she fell, the darkness slowly gave way to a spectrum of colours flying past her. Janie looked up, she could see small black somethings falling behind her. Janie tried to manoeuvre herself so she was falling head first. When she had done that, she felt like the wind was speaking, but what it was saying was indistinguishable from the whooshing she heard as she fell.

“Phoenix mode!” Janie yelled to the wind, as she yelled, her running clothes materialised into her Phoenix disguise. She stuck her arms out in front of her as the ground came into focus. She was falling towards a hole in a tree’s branches, when she fell into it, she had fallen smoothly into the hole in the leaves and connected smoothly with a slide that went the length of the trunk and spat her out on ground level.

When the trunk spat her out, she landed on her hands, and did a flip onto her feet, before taking a good look at her surroundings. The sky was all pastel colours, pinks, blues, purples and greens. The leaves were light pink, and the grass was light purple. The rocks were light blue, and the cliff that surrounded the large area was light purple for most of the way up and then it turned mint when it reached the top.

Pouring down the cliff, was a waterfall. It was light teal and it pooled on the ground surrounded by white stone making a cove.

Janie waited for the suited men to come tumbling down from the sky. When the did five minutes later, (It was a long fall from the top) they fell through the branches of the tree, but not a single branch broke. They then fell to the ground unharmed, but missed the slide completely. They got up immediately, seeing their target leaning against a blue rock in front of them.

“Put your hands up and come quietly!” Said one of them, all of them immediately pulled out their guns and didn’t seem at all concerned with whether they shot them or not. “Well if I did come quietly, then what was the point of bringing us all into here?” Said Janie standing up. “You’re dealing with someone who can use magic and all you have is brute force and firearms. Do you honestly think you can beat me?” She said, definitely not feeling the confidence she was trying to put on a show of.

“Well let’s see if your logic pays off shall we?” said one of the them, with, funnily enough, a Brooklyn accent. “Bring it on!” Said Janie, clenching her fists. “It’s game time!”


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