Janie Skyclife Chapter 11

Janie sat up in her bed and yawned. Her phone suddenly blared out the chorus of “Immortals” signalling that somebody was calling her. Janie picked it up off her bedside table and answered it. “Hello, second busiest Einstein’s Bagels in Sand Diego, how many scales can I put you down for?” she said into the phone. “Morning, can I have a, ‘screw the introductions you’re going to be late’ doughnut please?” said the voice on the other end.

“Nonsense, Terry I have plenty of time.” Said Janie, checking her alarm clock. “Damn I’m late! Terry why didn’t you warn me!?” She said, falling out of bed in her haste to get out of it. “Ow….” She whispered from the floor. “That sounded painful.” Said Terry through the phone, sounding as though choking back giggles.

“That hurt more than I intended. Anyway, where are you?” said Janie, jumping to her feet and pulling on some clothes. “Let’s see, Micky and I have been outside your door for the last ten to twenty minutes waiting for you to pick up!” said Terry in exasperation.

“Sorry! Why didn’t you ring the doorbell?” she asked. “There was a note on it saying out of order.” “Yeah, I put that there to stop people from ringing it.” “You what?” “Never mind. I’m almost at the door.” Said Janie hanging up as she sprinted towards the door, being careful not to slip on drawing pencils that littered the floor around the little coffee table.


Janie finally reached the door and opened it, letting in Terry and Micky. “What are all these for? I though we figured the spell out?” Janie asked, seeing the pile of books Micky was carrying. “These are not for the spell, these are equipping spells and power spells.” Said Micky putting the pile of books on a clean piece of floor.

“Why would we need those?” Janie asked clearing off the coffee table and putting all the pencils back into the pencil box and putting them inside her desk. “If we use our wands we’ll get into trouble with the ministry.” Said Terry. “But the good thing with these spells is that you don’t have to be a witch or wizard to use these spells so you can learn some too.” Said Micky picking on off the top of the pile and started flicking through it.

“Really?” Janie said in awe. “Really.” Terry confirmed. “Come on, let’s make a study hall.” Said Micky, handing a book of beginner’s magic to Janie. When the day was over, and Terry and Micky went back to their houses, Janie could say she knew a lot more about magic than when she started.

The next day, Sunday, Janie was free to do anything. She didn’t have anything to do that day so she read the book of Beginner’s Magic Micky had left for her the day before.

Janie liked the book because it delved into the several different components of magic that Hogwarts didn’t teach you, well, at least according to Terry and Micky anyway.


It had a section on Health spells, Luck spells, Love spells, Beauty Spells, Wealth spells, Life spells, Weather spells, Spiritual spells, but Janie’s favourite was the Tricks and Fantasy spells.

Fantasy spells were the kind that called dragons, brought Fairies, created were-wolfs and vampires, while Trick spells created illusions, could give Telepathy and Telekinesis for a variety of elements, could help you fly, turn you invisible, basically anything you wanted to do, there was a 95% chance that there was a spell for.

By the time Monday came around, Janie had memorised the entire book.


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