Phoenix Stone Chapter 10

Gajeel and Natalie ran at the door and to a stop in front of the little cottage. Yukino looked stunned, so did the person standing next to her. Natalie was sure he was Rufus, Sabertooth’s Memory Make wizard. “How did you escape Libra’s gravity change?” Yukino asked, surprised. “A magician never reveals her secrets!” said Natalie, smiling hands on her hips.

“Though we are grateful for Fairy Tail’s help at the last Grand Magic Games, Sabertooth must reclaim the title of the strongest guild in all of Fiore.” Said Yukino, Libra standing beside her. Rufus tipped his large feathered hat to Natalie in a polite fashion before speaking. “Yukino is correct.” He said.

“Enough talk, you mess with the team you mess with me got that? Now it’s time to brawl.” Said Gajeel, cracking his knuckles. “My thoughts exactly.” Said Rufus. “Let’s go pretty boy.” Said Gajeel, grinning. A few seconds later the two were enveloped in a violent brawl.

“Looks like it’s you and me Yukino!” said Natalie, smiling. “Indeed.” Yukino agreed politely. “Open gate of the twin fish! Pisces!” Yukino chanted, holding out a second gold Zodiac key. “Two spirits? Not bad!” Marvelled Natalie, impressed. The twin fish appeared in their fish form, two giant eel looking fish, one blue and one white, both had the Pisces symbol in black on their heads.

“Libra! Gravity bind!” Yukino commanded, looking at Libra. “As you wish.” Said Libra, lifting the scale on her left hand upwards while lowering her right hand scale. Slowly, as the gravity around Natalie decreased, she began to slowly lift into the air. Natalie frowned a little than held her hand out as if waiting to grab hold of something. “Bring me my leather, bring me my whip, I’ll make my rival trip!” Natalie chanted, as she finished, a long leather whip formed in her hand.

She lassoed a tall street lamp with the whip, it furled around the street lamp, preventing Natalie from floating any higher. “Go Pisces! Bite through the whip!” said Yukino. Pisces flew through the air as though it was water towards the small amount of whip that Natalie was using to pull herself towards the lamp post. Natalie saw Pisces zooming towards her out of the corner of her eye.

Quickly, Natalie cast a spell. “I am protected by your might O gracious goddess, day and night thrice around the circles bound, evil sink into the ground!” As Natalie cast the spell, red fire rings formed around Natalie and the small amount of whip left between her and the lamp post. She pulled herself towards it as fast as she could, but it wasn’t fast enough.

Pisces flew towards her, the slimy eel looking fish neck and neck.  The white one opened its mouth to snap the remainder of the whip, but it rammed into something invisible two feet away from Natalie and the whip.

The two fish banged into it again and again trying to get at the whip and snap it. Natalie breathed a sigh of relief, and pulled her self onto the lamp post and when she reached it, Natalie pulled herself down the lamp post and tried to put both her hands on the ground.

“Mistress! My gravity change isn’t strong enough!” Libra called to Yukino. “It’s fine keep it up!” Yukino called back reassuringly. “Pisces! Return to the spirit realm!” said Yukino, holding up her Pisces key. Natalie finally managed to put both her hands on the ground. “Finite Incatantum!” She said, cancelling out all of Yukino’s magic. Libra and Pisces disappeared. The gravity changed back to normal again. Leaving Natalie falling off the lamp post and onto her back.

“You’re one though cookie Yukino!” said Natalie standing up, looking shaken but perfectly calm, she looked like she was having the time of her life. “The same to you.” Said Yukino.

Natalie picked up her whip again, Yukino put both her Zodiac keys back on her key ring and removed another two. She held the first up in the air. “Open! Gate of the snake charmer! Ophiuchus!” “The thirteenth gate?!” said Natalie, stunned. Dark clouds began to swirl overhead, and a giant serpent protruded from them, it seemed to be half living half mechanical.

Then Yukino held up another key, a silver key. “Open! Gate of the-!” “Not today!” Yukino was cut short as Natalie used her whip to knock the silver key out of her hand. As it flew through the air, Natalie leaped to catch it, but as did Yukino. Natalie caught it a split second before Yukino did. “Teleport!” Said Natalie. In that split second before crashing into Yukino, Natalie disappeared, and reappeared a few feet behind Yukino.

Yukino whipped around to see where she had gone. “How did you do that? No one I know aside from Rufus can teleport that fast!” She said, confused. Natalie didn’t answer, she stared at Yukino, never breaking eye contact. “What are you doing?” she said, then Yukino’s head started to throb, she couldn’t think straight. “What are you doing!?” she yelled.

Than Natalie blinked, she seemed to have broken out of her trance. She smiled again. “Sorry I seemed to dozed off for a minute there. Your friends really are having trouble with that riddle aren’t they?” said Natalie, one of her eyes clouding over again. “What always runs but never walks, often murmurs, never talks, has a bed but never sleeps, has a mouth but never eats? Now that is a tricky one isn’t it? Well it would be if it wasn’t so simple.”

“Attack her now Ophiuchus!” Yukino ordered, pointing her finger. Ophiuchus reared its head and lunged at Natalie. “Teleport!” Natalie said, holding the silver key. Natalie teleported again at the last second.

Ophiuchus reared to lunge again. “Ophiuchus wait! I haven’t ordered you to attack yet!” Yukino called at the giant snake. Natalie reappeared ten feet away from Yukino. Yukino turned to her left in time to see Natalie teleport just before Ophiuchus took her arm off.

“Ophiuchus! Wait!” cried Yukino in vain, but her celestial spirit was out of control. 


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