Janie Skyclife Chapter 13

“Expros momos!” Janie yelled, pointing her finger at one of the men, he keeled over and on to the ground. “What did you do?” One of the others yelled at her. “I just stunned him, nothing to worry about. But I did warn you…” “Enough of this!” said one of the others. He drew his … Continue reading Janie Skyclife Chapter 13


Phoenix Stone Chapter 11

Natalie teleported to the roof just before Ophiuchus lunged for her. “Put a lid on your spirit Yukino!” She said, teleporting off the roof and on to her feet before Ophiuchus’s jaws could close on her head. “I can’t! The gate won’t close!” Yukino called in her soft voice. On the ground, previously oblivious to … Continue reading Phoenix Stone Chapter 11