Janie Skyclife Chapter 10

Terry turned back to himself held his fists in front of his face. Micky unsheathed her sword and pointed it at the twin on the other end of the beam. The Gemini twins both held their hands out in front of them and both moved their hands as if casting a magic circle. Then at the same time, they snapped their fingers and said, “Mirror Effect!”

For the twin facing Micky, she pulled an almost see through glass sword out of mid-air, while the twin facing Terry also put her fists in front of her face. “That’s enough, we just need to get the money and go. There’s no need to fight.” Said Mocking Jay/Moira. Moira slung a plain brown sack over her shoulder and jumped out the window behind her. The Gemini twins did the same.

“You won’t get away that easily!” yelled Janie, running across the beam and to the window. But when she got there and looked down to see where the thieves went, they were nowhere to be seen.

“Damn, we let them get away!” said Terry, jumping from his beam to Janie’s and Micky did the same. “She’s gonna be so mad when she realises I switched the bags.” Said Micky, holding up a heavy looking brown sack. Janie and Terry whipped around to look inside the bag. Inside was crisp green cash, and a lot of it.

“She is gonna be so frickn’ mad.” Agreed Terry. “Come on, we’d better go before they decide to call the police on us.” Said Janie, turning back into a Phoenix and flying out the window. Micky turned into a swan and followed. Terry turned into his Pegasus form and, rather awkwardly, clambered out the window, and soared after them.

After, back at the Cassidelia Mansion.

“How could you fail me like this!?” Diamante yelled, her previously elegant voice now sharp and harsh. “For centuries the Cassidelia have successfully robbed a bank when they turned seventeen and brought in millions! How could you fail me!?” “It’s not my fault! There were people there! They were waiting for me they knew we were coming somehow!” Moira retaliated.

“Police don’t change anything Moira!” Diamante interrupted. “They weren’t police! They were people, they could turn into animals! One was a swan, another was a pegasus, and, one was, a, phoenix…” Moira stuttered to a stop, remembering why Diamante hated phoenixes over all magical creatures.


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