Phoenix Stone Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Natalie ran next to Levy, keeping pace as they ran through roads, back streets and alleyways. So far they had neither seen nor heard the other teams. Natalie was getting suspicious, either Fairy Tail was out of the lope, or other teams were waiting for the right time to strike.

Natalie assumed the latter. As they were turning into a small alleyway, Natalie, still running next to Levy, heard a piercing scream, Wendy’s. Natalie whipped around, Wendy was caught in a rope trap. A rope was looped around her right ankle, holding her upside down.

“Help me!” she squealed, struggling to keep her dress covering her. “I’ll get you down!” said Romeo, aiming a fireball at the rope holding Wendy. “Hold on…” said Natalie holding his arm to stop him from throwing the fireball. “Why? She’s in trouble!” said Romeo, pulling his out of her grip.

“Look, the rope she’s tied to, and the plank the rope is tied to, if my nose is right, and it’s never wrong as far as I can remember, the rope and plank are covered in oil.” Said Natalie, pointing to the light brown substance covering the rope and the plank, and slowly dripping onto Wendy’s leg. “Set that on fire and you burn Wendy too.” “Damn.” “This is going to take some time off our hands.” Said Levy. “I have an idea.” Said Natalie, she stood under Wendy and then walked five steps forward, “Gajeel, stand here.” She said. “Why?” said Gajeel, but standing there all the same. “You’ll find out. Levy, Juvia, stand next to Gajeel.” “What are you planning?” Levy asked, curious. “I said you’ll find out. Romeo, stand under Wendy. Romeo nodded, and stood under Wendy. “Can you get me down from here now?” she squealed. “It’s gonna be fine, just keep calm!” Romeo called up to her. “Ok!” Wendy called back down, trying to keep her dress from falling over her head.

“Gajeel, you use Iron Dragon Kunai, Levy, knife solid script, Juvia, you use water slicer. Aim for the rope and throw when I give the signal.” Said Natalie, standing next to them. “Um, okay.” “Nobody tells me what to do.” Said Gajeel, but he readied himself anyway. “Okay, Wendy! When we cut the rope, try and face your back toward the ground!” Natalie called up to Wendy.

“You’re gonna what?!” Screeched Wendy. “Now!” yelled Natalie. “Solid Script! Knife!” “Water Slicer!” “Iron Dragon Kunai!” As the rope snapped, Wendy squealed. “Got you!” said Romeo, catching her.

“Thanks.” Said Wendy, hugging Romeo. “Anytime.” He said, turning slightly pink. “Aww…” said Juvia. “It’s not like that!” said Wendy and Romeo in unison. “Anyway, where’s the next clue Levy?” said Romeo, setting Wendy on her feet. “If I’m right, then the next clue should be at the Dancing Monkey café.” Said Levy opening up the map.

In the next hour or so the team collected all the clues and went to the finishing location. But it wasn’t Domus Flou. It was a row of little cottages with a different guild symbol carved onto each door. Levy, Juvia, Natalie, Wendy, Gajeel and Romeo walked up to the door with a red Fairy Tail emblem carved onto the door. Just as Fairy Tail reached theirs, Sabertooth’s team came sprinting up to theirs.

Levy tried to turn the handle but it was locked, after a second or two a voice came from inside the little cottage. It said,

A rich and handsome man named James Leonard was murdered on a Sunday afternoon. At the time of the murder there was: the maid, the cook, the butler, the gardener and the wife. Maid: I was fixing the table. Cook: I was cooking breakfast. Butler: I was polishing the silverware and the dishes. Gardener: I was planting tomato seeds. Wife: I was reading a book. Who did it?”

“That’s tricky.” Said Juvia, looking puzzled. The rest of the team agreed. Except Levy. Levy threw back her head and laughed. “What’s so funny?” asked Natalie, confused. “It’s so simple!” said Levy, looking as though she was fit to burst. “Why?” asked Romeo, lost. “You don’t make breakfast in the afternoon! It was the cook!” said Levy, bursting at the seams with laughter. There was a ping and the door creaked opened.

The team went inside the little cottage, inside was a little dining room and a flight of stairs. “You suppose go up?” said Romeo. “Got nothing to lose.” Said Levy, leading the way up the stairs. Upstairs was like a kitchen, inside was a small cauldron and a little table next to it, and on the table was a note with a potion recipe on it.

Levy picked it up and read it through a few times. She pulled all five clues they had found and opened the little leather pouches. “looks like we need to make a potion.” Said Juvia. “Yep, doesn’t look too difficult, though I’ll still need some help…” said Levy opening up the pouches and looking down the recipe again. “I’ll help!” said Wendy, smiling. “I’ll help too!” said Romeo, holding a handful of orange colored fire. “Thanks.”

Natalie heard talking from outside, she could tell Gajeel and Wendy heard it too. It was a soft voice speaking outside, it said, “Open, gate of the balance, Libra!” Natalie looked outside the window, and sure enough, Sabertooth’s celestial wizard Yukino was standing outside the little house, while the rest of Sabertooth’s team was still trying to get inside their little cottage.

“What’s wrong guys?” asked Levy, confused why Natalie, Gajeel and Wendy looked tense. “Everyone grab onto something!” Natalie yelled, a second later, the gravity in the room lessened, as it did the team began to float in the air. But luckily, everyone inside the little room was holding on to something or someone.

Romeo clung to a desk leg and Wendy held fast to his hand. Gajeel held on to the door frame and Levy’s arm. Juvia held onto the rim of the cauldron and Natalie held on to the bottom of the window.

“Finite Incatantum!” said Natalie, touching the floor with both of her hands. Suddenly, gravity came back strong as ever. The team fell to the floor, or in Juvia’s case, nearly fell into the cauldron.

“Thanks Nat!” Said Levy gratefully, Natalie nodded. “I’m going out there to buy you some time.” Said Gajeel. “I’m coming too.” Said Natalie, Gajeel nodded and the two were speeding down the stairs and out the front door.


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