Janie Skyclife Chapter 9

Micky unsheathed her feather swords and Terry turned into his pegasus form. Not knowing what her powers were, Janie prepared herself for a fight. Each side waited for the other to make the first move. “Oh to hell with it!” Yelled Janie, snapping in the suspense. Both trios leapt into action. Micky transformed into her swan and flew into one of the blue-haired girls transforming back at the last second, and knocking her over.

The black haired girl ran at Janie just as the other blue haired girl ran at Terry, nimbly dodging his flailing hooves and wings. The black haired girl Janie was sure was Moira threw a punch at Janie’s head, Janie ducked. “Who are you?” said Janie. “Mocking Jay!” “Pleased to make your acquaintance!” said Janie fiercely, aiming a punch. Mocking Jay blocked it and, running to a large black suitcase, picking it up and shooting an aluminium rope from a gun in a holster on her belt and pulling herself up to a beam stretching from one wall to the other.

“Pegasus!” Janie yelled, looking at Terry. Terry quickly shook one of the blue haired girls from his wing. He reared up and galloped towards her, flapping his giant wings. At the last second, just as Terry’s hooves left the ground, Janie leapt on to his back and Terry flew up to the beam Mocking Jay was standing on. “Ready?” Janie whispered in his ear. Terry grunted. Janie took that for a yes.

Balancing carefully, Janie stood up on Terry’s back and jumped on to the beam. Janie nodded to Terry and he flew back down to help Micky with the blue haired girls that were surely the Gemini twins in disguise.

“I’ll make this simple for you. Give back what you stole. Or, we’ll take it by force.” Said Janie in what she hoped was a brave and commanding voice. What would she do if Moira refused? What would happen if Janie lost her balance and fell? Looks like she would have to try and keep her poker face for as long as she could.

“Option two, please.” Said Mocking Jay. She was standing right foot forward, suitcase in her left hand and her right hand on her hip. “Bring it.” Said Janie. Mocking Jay smiled. She flipped backwards, her feet landing in the same position she had her feet in before. Janie ran towards her, trying to land a blow, but Moira kept flipping backwards.

Janie was getting annoyed, it was a long beam and who knows how long Moira could keep this up! “Stop flipping!” she yelled. In her exasperation, she misaimed a blow. Moira jumped at the chance. She caught her fist and pulled Janie to the side, just holding Janie over the side of the beam. “Looks like I win this time.” Said Mocking Jay. “You drop me, my friends will catch me.” Said Janie, confident what she had said was true.

“Not unless mine will keep them from getting to you.” Said Mocking Jay. “Not possible!” “You want a bet?” Mocking Jay whispered. Janie could tell Mocking Jay meant what she said and said what she meant.

“Before I drop you, tell me, how old are you?” said Mocking Jay, leaning an inch from Janie’s face. “Seventeen, why?” said Janie, trying to keep her face expressionless, though her heart was racing, as if it was sure these last few seconds were going to be her last.

As Janie spoke, Mocking Jay looked shocked, as if Janie had been the one dropping her. “No reason.” She said, barely in a whisper. Mocking Jay uncurled her arm from around Janie’s neck. Janie fell of the beam. As she fell, it felt like time was moving in slow motion.

She could hear Micky and Terry yelling, she could see Mocking Jay, still white faced, looking down at her as she fell. Terry transformed back to normal and he and Micky ran towards were Janie would land. But she never did.

Halfway down, Janie disappeared in a big cloud of seemingly red glittering sand, and as it dispersed, a red and gold bird the size of an eagle soared out and around the domed roof, singing a melody.

“Her animal,” Micky whispered in awe. “It’s a phoenix!” said Terry. The phoenix soared around and as Janie turned back to normal, landed on the beam again.

“How-?” said Moira taking a step backwards. “Simple.” Said Janie, walking forward. Below them, Micky mounted Terry, who had turned into his pegasus form. Terry flew Micky up to a beam next to Janie, then he landed on another on her other side. The Gemini twins shot aluminium cord from their own guns and landed on the other ends of the Terry’s and Micky’s beams. “We’re Enchanted.”


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