Phoenix Stone Chapter 8

“Wow! There’s a lot of people here!” said Natalie, looking at the large crowd form in side one of the tunnels leading out to the arena. “You really didn’t need to tell me that you know.” Said Levy, looking nervous. “Why must I be on the field and my beloved Gray in the stands? It is too tragic for words!” cried Juvia, sitting on one of the benches, her face in her hands.

“I’m nervous too. Last time my only fight go a draw!” said Wendy, hugging Carla. “Well, look at it this way, think strategically and you can’t lose!” Said Carla. “Carla’s right. If you can read your opponents well and predict their moves you can prepare in advance.” Agreed Lily, who, like Natalie, had come to see the team out. “Yeah, and besides, any group fights and I’ll protect you!” Said Romeo, smiling. “You’d better young man!” said Carla.

“Alright team, brace yourselves, the games are starting soon.” Said Master Makarov, coming in. “Err, master?” said Natalie, still looking out into the arena. “Yes?” “There are meant to be only five members on the team right?” said Natalie looking back at the master. “Yes, why?” “Everyone’s sending out six.” “WHAT??!!” said The master, running to stand beside Natalie. What she had said was indeed true, all the other guilds had sent out six members of their guild to represent them.

“But, I thought, it was still five…” said the master in disbelief. “They did say it was going to be a brain teaser.” Said Natalie coolly. “We need another member and we need one fast!” said the Master starting to panic. “How about you send out Natalie as well? She’s been training for this since she joined the guild.” Said Lily. “You’ve been watching me?!” said Natalie. “Alright team! Get out there! GO! GO! GO!” said the master. He franticly climbed the stairs back to the stands where the rest of guild was.

Team Fairy Tail walked out into the arena. “I can’t wait to beat somebody into a pulp.” Said Gajeel. “Don’t worry! I’ll take care of you!” said Romeo, putting his arm around Wendy’s shoulders. “It is a shame Gray was not chosen to be on the team, but I will fight for him as much as a fight for my guild!” said Juvia. “You really need to stop thinking out loud you know.” Said Natalie. “I hope we have to do a puzzle first; I want to score Fairy Tail some of the first points.” Said Levy, who was leading the group.

“Well hello Domus Flou! I’m your commentator Chapati Lola, and I’m joined by former council member Yajima. So Yajima, how about we get right into the action and start the first round? I’m too excited for words!” “Now, now, introductions are important.” “You’re right. For this year’s Grand Magic Games, we have Fairy Tail, Sabertooth, Mermaid Heel, Lamia Scale, and Blue Pegasus!”

Natalie looked around at the other teams, they looked tough, but she knew they did too. The referee came onto the field, carrying a small box. “Competitors! The fist round is called Cryptic Chaos! In this box is a map and riddle for each team! This round will test your intelligence, teamwork and loyalty! You will take a map and riddle each! And find the ingredients to solve the riddle! Have fun!” Said the referee, placing the box on the ground. As the box touched the ground, the gate opening to Crocus opened. “I guess the ingredients are in the city.” Said Natalie, looking at the gate as it slowly opened.

“Oh, there’s something I forgot to mention,” said the referee. “If you find a team after the same thing as you are, don’t forget, the items are your ticket to winning this round. let the match, BEGIN!” yelled the referee, a gong sounded and the teams sped towards the box. Juvia used her water whip to snatch a large scroll and a little scroll form the box and back into her hand.

The team ran through the gate and in to the city as fast as they could. “Do your thing Levy!” said Juvia as she handed Levy the map and riddle. “Got it!” said Levy unfurling the riddle and studying it while she ran. Once she had finished, she unfurled the map and glanced at it.

“This way!” yelled Levy, taking a sharp right, then right again, then a left, straight on for a minute, then right again. “Levy, where are we going?” Natalie called up to her. “I don’t know! I’m just following the riddle!” Levy called back looking at the riddle again. She lead the team down a back street and onto a road that lead to the palace.

Once they reached the palace gates they saw a cart of watermelons and two guards standing guard in front of the gate leading in to the palace grounds. Levy stopped running and consulted the riddle and the map again. “Yep, this should be the first location.” She said. “A water melon was the first clue?” said Juvia, confused. “Nope. Excuse me sirs?” Levy said to the guards. “We’re Team Fairy Tail and if I read the clue right then this is where the first clue should be?” “Yup, you’re in the right place. And I was told to give this to you.” Said on of the guards, handing Levy a small leather pouch. “Alright! First clue!” said Natalie punching the air. “Let’s go Fairy Tail! Let’s see if we can find some more!”


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