Janie Skyclife Chapter 8

The problem with this part was that Janie had only followed Moira and the twins to the mall to about eight o’clock, then Janie had had to go back to her flat to report to the others. But, Janie thought, today was different. Usually nothing would stop Moira and the twins form getting to their daily makeup refill at the mall.

Janie slid by the fence, and up to the front window. She pulled out the little mirror and held it at an angle, to see inside the window. The window was open slightly; Janie could hear what was going on inside. She could see in reasonably well with the little mirror. It was a large room, light by the small chandelier hanging from the roof, and an elegant fireplace. Standing in front of the fire place, outlined by the fire, was a woman, elegantly dressed from what Janie could see of her.

A door on the side of the room opened, and Moira and the twins entered. “I thought I told you to come alone.” Said the woman in front of the fire place. “Yes, you did. They wanted to come, they’re my friends you see.” Said Moira. “Yes, I see. I’m guessing you told them it would be dangerous, yes?” said the woman.  “I did.” Said Moira, looking at her feet.

“I see. You two.” Said the woman, pointing her finger at Gemi and Mini. “Moira said it would be dangerous, yet you both are still here. Why is that?” “Because we’re her friends and we’ll stick by her to the bitter end!” said Gemi. “Couldn’t have put it better myself!” confirmed Mini, nodding her head.

“Haven’t you heard the saying? ‘If your friend jumped off a cliff would you do it too?” Said the woman, sounding amused. “No.” said Gemi. “We’d be at the bottom to catch her!” Said Mini. Moira looked stunned. “Thanks guys.” She whispered. Janie only just heard it. “Very well.” Said the woman. She snapped her fingers and three men in black suits came in, carrying a silver case each. They gave each gave a case to Moira, Gemi and Mini. They each opened their case. Gemi and Mini gazed in awe at the contents while Moira remained expressionless as she opened hers. “Your first mission may be simple and corny, but it is a tradition. You must rob the Bank of England.” Said the woman. “Change and go now. You must bring back at least something.” Said the woman exiting the room.

Janie crawled as quietly as she could along the fence line and around the corner to her bike. Janie’s head whirled. She was sure the woman was Diamante Cassidelia. Who else would tell three innocent girls to go rob a bank just because of a tradition? Janie got onto the bike and started peddling toward the intersection.

Wtext-chat-janie-skyclife-1hen she got to the corner she stopped on the sidewalk and pulled out her phone and texted Terry and Micky.

Janie hoped they’d be here in time. Janie walked her bike to a shadowy spot near a loading dock on Bartholomew Lane near Princess Street. She dumped her bike, locked it, and swiftly pulled off the disguise. She hoped she had thought to bring her mask and other gear too.

She tied her red hair back into a ponytail and pulled on her black boots again. She pulled on her backpack and walked out to Princess Street. Just as she turned the corner, two taxies pulled up, Terry got out of one and Micky got out of the other.

Janie walked up to them. “What did you want us to meet you here for?” Micky asked, curious. “I’ll tell you when we get inside.” Said Janie, looking around the street for a black limo to pull up. “Well come on, I want to hear about how the mission went too.” Terry said as he pulled the girls back down Bartholomew and into the bank. They walked through the lobby and sat down on a bench.

“So, tell us how the mission went.” Said Micky. Janie told them in as few words as possible about what she had found out during her stalk of Moira and the twins.

“You really think they’re going to have enough guts to try and pull off a heist here of all the places they could break into?” said Terry, gesturing to the guards and security cameras, that were just about everywhere they looked. “I’m pretty sure they would have enough guts. Moira was raised by a criminal!” Said Janie facing Terry. “Oh, and an assassin!” said Micky, picking up a magazine and burying her nose in it.

“Thank you, Micky.” Said Janie. “That is exactly my point! She’s been living with a killer! She’d be shaken to the core her entire life!” said Terry. “Or she’d have nerves of steel.” Said Micky, turning a page in the magazine. “Thank you, Micky.” Janie said again. “Alright, back to the point of being here, you want us to stop Moira and the twins from robbing the bank.” Said Terry.

“Yes which is why we need to keep an eye out for them.” Said Janie. “Yes, but what if they’re-” Terry was cut off as an alarm rang through the lobby and security guards except for one or two ran towards the stairs and disappeared down them. “Already here.” Terry finished. The guards we’re trying to usher everybody out of the bank but in the confusion Terry, Janie and Micky managed to slip behind them and down the stair well and out of sight.

The trio ran down the stairs as fast as they could while taking of their clothes that were on top of their hero disguises. They slipped on their masks as they reached the bottom. The vault at the end of the room was open a little, and voices could be heard from inside. “Just hand over the stuff you stole and we’ll let you go.” “What if I say no?”

“Come on, we need to get back to the top.” Said Terry, starting to pull the girls back up the stairs. “Why?” said both the girls in whispered voices. “They’re coming back out!” Terry whispered urgently. Soon enough, as they reached the second flight of stairs, the thieves responsible for the theft came running out. By the time Janie, Terry and Micky were at the top, they were just reaching the third flight.

The lobby was deserted. Surely soon to be filled with gunfire and fighting. Micky and Terry flew themselves and Janie up to a beam reaching from one wall to the other. They stood on it and waited for the thieves they were sure was Moira and the twins.

Sure enough, the thieves came running out of the stairwell and headed towards the exit. But Micky wasn’t having that. “Oh no you don’t!” she said, throwing one of her feather swords in front of them to stop them in their tracks.

Terry flew down in his pegasus form in front of them and reared up, flapping his giant black feathered wings. Micky flew Janie to the second exit and dropping her a few inches from the ground and landing and changing back in front of the third.

“You’re cornered!” said Micky, crossing her arms and smiling. “So please just give up and return what you stole!” said Janie as Terry turned back to normal. “Not without a fight!” said the leader. She had long black hair tied back in a ponytail, a black jumpsuit with black leather boots. She had black gloves with diamond bracelets on each hand and she had a black mask.

The two behind her however were different. They had blue hair, black and light blue jumpsuits, blue platform sandals and a gold bracelet. One had it on the right hand, and one had it on the right.

“You want a fight? We’ll give you one.” Said Terry, Janie and Micky in unison.


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