Phoenix Stone Chapter 7

“Wow! This place is amazing!” said Natalie in awe as Fairy Tail arrived in Crocus, the nicknamed ‘blooming’ capital of Fiore! “Well you got over your motion sickness quickly!” Levy called in amusement as Natalie sped around the street, taking in the stalls, the pictures and posters, all the people, everything. “I’m just excited I guess!” said Natalie, running back to walk beside Levy. “If only Gajeel was as quick to get over it as you were, we wouldn’t have to walk so slow.” Levy concluded, smiling. “I can still hear you ya know!” Gajeel yelled form behind them.

“We know!” Levy and Natalie called back to him. “But even if I’m not in the games, It’ll still be fun cheering you guys on!” said Natalie, excitedly. “Well, hopefully the games are more about brain than brawn. No matter how hard I train, I’ll never be as strong as most in the guild.” Said Levy, as they stopped for a minute to wait for Gajeel.

“By the way, did the master say where Fairy Tail was going to be staying?” Natalie asked, curious. “A hotel called the Pixy’s Nest. It’s supposed to be bigger than the last hotel we stayed at, but we’re still going to have to bunk up.” Said Levy. “Aren’t pixies supposed be mischievous versions of fairies?” Asked Natalie, remembering something from a book she had read about fairies with Levy in the guild basement library.

“Yep, the rumor is that fairies live in that hotel, we tried to tell the master but he wouldn’t listen.” Said Levy, recounting something she had heard about the hotel. “Well, technically speaking there would be fairies living in the hotel!” said Natalie. “How come?” asked Levy, wondering what Natalie knew. “Because we’d be in the hotel! We’re Fairy Tail after all!” The two laughed as Gajeel and Lily came up with Jet and Droy.

“What’s so funny?” Gajeel asked, he looked almost fully recovered. “Nothing.” Said Levy, choking down her laughter. “Anyway,” She said. “We’re almost at the hotel! Come on!” Levy and Natalie ran toward a tall redwood building with a wood sign that said:


                                  Pixy’s Nest.

“Come on guys! We’re here!” said Natalie as she sped ahead to the front of the building. “You really are hyped.” Marvelled Levy. “She’s still not as fast as me though!” said Jet, jogging on the spot. “I’ll beat you next time!” said Natalie, pointing her finger in Jet’s direction. “Sure. But in the meantime, stick to people who have as much magic power as you.” Said Jet patting Natalie on the head and walking up to the hotel.

“Wait a minute buster!” said Natalie indignantly. “Calm down, he’s just being Jet.” Said Levy, putting her hand on Natalie’s shoulder. Natalie took several breathes in and out. “Come on guys! You coming or what?” Jet called from the entrance of the hotel. “Coming!” Natalie and Levy called back. They ran towards the hotel, Gajeel and Lily close behind them, Droy was, not-so-close behind them.

A little old woman at the door stopped them from entering. “Guild emblems please.” She said. Natalie uncovered her shoulder to show her teal Fairy Tail emblem. Levy, Jet, Droy and Lily turned their backs to show theirs and Gajeel showed the one on his shoulder. “Yes, I see, the rest of the guild is in side.” She said, allowing them to go through.



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