Janie Skyclife Chapter 7

Next day, Monday, Janie was on stalker duty. After school, Janie waved to her friends as they split up. Terry and Micky were going to their homes while Janie waited by the school gate for Moira. Janie knew the school security cameras were watching her, so she checked her watch as if waiting for someone.

‘I can’t believe I’m stuck on stalker duty again.’ She thought. ‘If we don’t switch next week, Moira and the Tortarelli twins are going to get suspicious sooner or later. Preferably later.’ She thought as she glanced behind her back at the school. Even though she knew it was dangerous being on duty again, she did know Moira’s daily routine like the back of her hand.

She would come out of school at exactly four o’clock, precisely one hour after school ended, then she would go to the mall with the Tortarelli twins. Janie glanced at her watch again. It was exactly four o’clock. Janie heard the clunking of black boots and two pairs of dark green heels crunching on the ground behind her.

Janie prepared to hoist herself over the school wall just as Moira and the twins come round the corner. She had done it a million times. Janie paused, something was different this time, she realised, the footsteps were quicker than normal, they walked with purpose.

Janie quickly flipped herself over the wall just in time before Moira and the twins came round the corner. Janie landed in the garden bed on the other side, breathing heavily. She had almost got caught because she had hesitated. She calmed down and pulled out a compact mirror Micky had lent her during school to look around corners in these situations.

She opened it and saw, that instead of where the powder would usually be, was a picture of Terry, Micky and Janie, and a note that said, in Micky’s swirly handwriting:

                                                                    Keep it.

Janie smiled, and holding the mirror, titled slightly, so she had a full view of what was happening behind the wall. Janie could see that Moira and the twins hadn’t left yet. They were just standing by the bus stop, waiting for something or someone. Janie waited, for five minutes, Moira and the twins waited. Until Moira spoke.

“Are you two sure about going through with this?” Moira said in her deep elegant voice. “Yes, we know this gonna be dangerous so we’re coming with you.” Said Gemi in her boyish sounding voice. “I’m with Gemi.” Said Mini, in her high peppy tone.

Janie frowned at what she heard. ‘What was going to be so dangerous that she would try and discourage the twins from coming with her?’ She thought. ‘It had to be bad, the twins came with Moira everywhere.’ She looked back at the mirror. Janie’s ears pricked as a limo drove up. A chauffer got out of the driver’s seat and opened the door for Moira and the twins to get in.

As soon as they pulled away from the school, Janie ran to the other side of the gate and pulled her bike out form in the bushes. She had hidden her bike earlier that day. She opened her backpack and slipped on a dark grey and teal hoodie and black tracksuit pants. She changed her shoes form her black boots to her pink and purple sneakers. Then she clipped on her light blue helmet and rode her bike out on to the road.

She peddled as fast as she could towards the set of traffic lights at the end of the street. They had turned red; the limo was stopped at the lights. Janie had to catch up with the limo before they turned green. Just as they turned green, Janie was beside the limo. Janie kept her speed as the limo sped up again. Janie kept her pace, she didn’t mind if they got separated by a few cars, as long as she could keep them in sight.

She followed them for a while, before the limo pulled up in the parking area of a large white stone mansion. Janie rode past the mansion a couple of houses before coming to the corner. ‘Now comes the difficult part,’ thought Janie. She took off the hoodie and the tracksuit pants and pulled on an expensive looking shirt and pants, as well as her new sneakers.

Janie smiled as she looked at herself. The ‘supposedly’ expensive shirt and pants were made by Micky. Micky had a fine eye when it came to clothes. Janie tied her hair up in a bun and pulled on a long brown wig and put it on, as well as a red baseball cap Terry had contributed. She pulled a Tennis racket and a Tennis ball out of the bag and stashed her bag and bike in some large bushes nearby. She slipped her phone into her pocket and walked back to the big mansion. She was going in.


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