Phoenix Stone Chapter 6

“I might be able to help you remember something.” Said Mest. “You can?” Said Natalie excitedly, her eyes glittering. Then they narrowed. “What’s the catch?” she asked. She knew that something like this was too good to be true. She knew there had to be some sort of catch, at least one string attached. “I’ve only heard about it and I’ve never cast it before, so it might not work.” Said Mest, staring unblinking at the setting sun. “It’s worth a shot though right?” Said Natalie, excited but cautious.

“Alright, I’ll give it a go. Stand up and close your eyes.” He said turning to her. Natalie stood facing him a closed her eyes just as he said. “Ready?” “Ready.” “Alright, here I go,” He said, taking a deep breath. “Powers and emotions tied, a witch’s heart is where it hides. Help her through her agony, Bless her with her memory.” Mest placed his hand on Natalie’s head as he chanted the spell. She could hear her cloak flapping in the breeze behind her as the spell was cast.

Mest took his hand off her head when he had finished casting. “Do you remember anything?” He asked. Natalie opened her eyes and was about to shake her head when a small stream of images cascaded into her mind’s eye. She remembered running up a hill, her heart thumping, fear dominating her emotions, panic clouding common sense, and then how she had tripped, how she had fallen down the hill, gravity throwing her against rock after rock until coming to a stop at the bottom onto the road as a small group of people came along. But all she said was, “Not much.”

For the next couple of weeks, she continued her training. One day when she was practicing out on the beach when Levy, Jet and Droy walked up to her. “Hey Natalie. You’re still training?” Asked Levy, impressed. “Yep. I’m not letting my training go to waste just because I wasn’t picked for the team!” said Natalie, wiping the sweat off her forehead with the back of her hand.

“Do you mind if I fight you? I want to see how fast I’ve gotten!” asked Jett, jogging on the spot to warm up. “Sure! I don’t see why not!” agreed Natalie moving into a battle stance.

“High Speed!” Yelled Jett, running at Natalie with increased speed. “Fire Dragon Iron Fist!” Yelled Natalie aiming for Jett’s chest, Jett ran to the side, dodging her attack and pushing her in the back as Natalie overbalanced and fell forward. Natalie jumped as she fell and when she landed, summersaulted back onto her feet again.

She turned around and ran at Jett. As she neared him she jumped and twisted. “Fire Dragon Talon!” Natalie aimed for a kick to his head, but seconds before connection Jett leaned to the side a little, just missing Natalie’s foot. Instead Natalie landed in the water just as a wave was coming. Natalie face planted the ground just as the wave came and crashed on top of Natalie instead of the sand.


“Alright. You win” Came Natalie’s muffled voice from underneath the sand. “Well that wasn’t much of a fight.” Said Jett. “I’ve trained! I’m better than I was! That was a record for me! Two attacks in quick succession? THAT’S A RECORD!” Said Natalie standing bolt upright. “Sure.” Said Jett. “It’s true! Dragon slayer magic takes up a lot of my magic power! I don’t know how Natsu, Gajeel, Laxus and Wendy do it!” she said indignantly.

“Then, what have you been doing?” asked Levy curiously. “I’ve been bettering my physical strength and my magic. I use my physical attacks to cover for my weak magic.” Said Natalie, a little shamefaced. “Then how about I show you some magic that doesn’t use magic power?” Suggested Levy. “Really? That’s a thing? Thanks Levy!” Said Natalie, hugging her.

“It’s fine! I’ve always wanted to do it myself, but I’ve never really found the time, and since I’m in the games we could learn together!” said Levy, excited. “To the library!” Levy and Natalie said in unison. Natalie and Levy ran back inside the guild hall and into the basement library. Jett and Droy close behind.

In the basement library was thousands of books, maybe millions if you bothered to count them all. Levy lead Natalie to a particular shelf, Levy climbed up the ladder to reach a higher shelf and started pulling out books. When she had as many as she could carry she climbed down the ladder and put the large pile of books on one of the little desks going down the middle of the library.

“What are all these?” Natalie asked picking up one of the thick books. “Spell books, well spells that doesn’t use magic energy anyway.” Said Levy opening one to the index page. “Ready to learn?” she said. “I was born ready.”


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