Janie Skyclife Chapter 6

“Guys, I think I’m screwed up in the brain.” Said Janie. Terry, Micky and her were back at Janie’s flat. “I think I enjoyed that little brawl.” “Unless I have a screwed up mind too.” Said Micky smiling. “Then apparently I’m screwed too.” Agreed Terry. The three of them laughed out loud, in spite of what they had just been through all three of them were grinning.

“I think we should be glad we managed to get out of there without the police catching us.” Said Janie, stopping herself from laughing before she choked. “We left half an hour before they arrived!” marvelled Micky, amazed that they had been so late. “Let’s review the facts shall we?” said Terry digging a notebook out of his backpack and grabbing a pen that had been sitting on the ground, and jotting down the few things they knew about the situation.

“I still can’t turn in to an animal yet!” groaned Janie. “Relax, it make take a while for it to affect a muggle.” Said Micky as Terry wrote squiggled in his notebook. “That makes it so much better.” Said Janie collapsing on the couch. “And that was ranked ten on the Sarcasm-o-meter.” Said Terry, burring his nose into his notebook, writing at what looked like the speed of light. “It was Friday today right?” groaned Janie, her voice muffled as she slammed her head into her pillow.

“Yep, the weekend is upon on us.” Said Micky picking up a book of spells and opening it to a specific chapter. “Hey, guys, come look at this.” Said Terry, opening up his laptop and looking up something. “What’s up Terry?” Said Janie, getting up and looking over his shoulder. “Yeah, what caught your eye?” said Micky, mimicking Janie. “Look at the crime rates from last year, and look at the crime rates from this year.” Said Terry bringing up two different charts. The one from the previous year was low, a normal. The one from the present year, was high, almost abnormal. “The change started at around February, the month after a high class villain was released from prison.” Terry continued.

He brought up a news article with a large photo of an elegant women with long black hair and piercing brown eyes. “Is it just me or does she look familiar?” said Micky, staring at the picture intently. “She should be, she was on wanted posters all over the world-” “No, not long term familiar,” Said Micky, cutting of Terry. “Like short term, like we saw her recently,” She said, looking puzzled.

“Yeah, now that you mention it, she does.” Said Janie, realising what she meant. “What’s her name?” Asked Micky. “I don’t know I didn’t read the whole article.” Said Terry, scrolling to the bottom of the article where and image of a wanted poster was placed. The name was under the picture, it read, “Diamante Cassidelia?!” The trio said in unison. “Isn’t Cassidelia Moiré’s last name!?” Janie cried in surprise. “Hang on!” said Terry, typing in their school’s website address and looking up new students. “Moiré and the twins are new this year!?” They yelled in unison again. “What. The. Actual fudge!?” said Micky.

“Well if the police can’t keep the crime rates down we’ll have to do it our self’s.” Said Janie. “You’re not suggesting what I think you’re suggesting.” Said Terry. “I am.” “So you’re saying, we use our magic to kick all the bad guy’s buts…” said Micky, smiling. “That’s exactly what I’m saying.” Janie confirmed. “Well this should be fun.” Said Terry grinning.

For the next couple of months, the trio focused on three things, two would study as hard as they could, which was usually Terry and Micky, and Janie would keep an eye on Moira after school, which Janie was unnaturally good at.      Every couple of weeks they would switch.

On the weekends they would train, Terry would better his strength in his normal form and as a pegasus, Micky would practice with her feather swords and Janie would better her speed and stealth until she found out which animal she could transform into.

One day on Sunday, Terry, Janie and Micky went to the mall together to spend they’re allowance. They sat in the food court having some lunch. Micky was eating a chocolate croissant; Janie was eating sushi while Terry was eating a hot dog.

“Where do you guys think we should go next?” said Janie, squirting some soy sauce on her sushi roll. “I don’t know.” Said Terry, wiping some mustard off his face with the back of his hand. “I know!” said Micky, through a mouthful of croissant. “Sorry, I know!” Said Micky, swallowing before continuing. “Follow me!” The trio shoved their last pieces of food into their mouths and followed Micky.

Micky had lead them to one of the many clothes shops in the mall. “I think I know what this is about…” said Terry looking at Micky with a knowing look. Micky turned to them and said, “I thought, if we’re going to save the world and stuff, I thought we couldn’t keep stealing the masks off of the bad guys. We would need disguises of our own pretty soon! So here we are!” said Micky, she was obviously very excited.

“Called it.” Said Janie and Terry in unison, but following Micky in to the store all the same. They and Micky, (Mostly Micky) were actually enjoying picking out costumes and outfits, though Micky was the expert! Pretty soon, they had each got a disguise to wear when they needed to use their magic to fight evil.

Janie hadn’t figured out what animal she transformed into yet, so she had just gone off what colour her hair had turned, bright scarlet. So she had picked a scarlet leotard and a red fabric ballet style skirt with red knee hteam-enchanted-janie-skyclife-superherosigh boots and a red feathered mask.

Terry had picked a black turtle neck sweater, black jeans, black sneakers and a black feathered mask. Micky was the best looking of the group. Micky had chosen a white leotard with a white feathered skirt, white feathered boots, white gloves and a white featheredmask.

The trio split up on the way home, Terry and Micky to their houses and Janie to her apartment. Janie was pretty sure that her friends had their disguises on under their normal clothes. Janie knew she did. She wanted to be ready for anything.


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