Hey Ho!

Hey everybody!

Sorry I’ve been gone so long! But I have good news! I want to get into animating this year so hopefully I’ll be releasing a fanfiction/movie later this year! It’s going to be based on the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters series and the time frame will be in the six months between the Duel Monsters series and The Dark Side Of Dimensions Movie that I am hyped to see.

I started watching Yu-Gi-Oh! during the school holidays and I am obsessed! I currently have two decks and two duel disks but my sister has one too so that makes three? ehh, I was told that one plus two equals fish, but moving on! I should hopefully have the trailer in a couple of months if all goes to plan! I’m currently writing the script so watch this space in a couple months time!

See ya later guild mates!


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