Janie Skyclife Chapter 5

Janie’s heart was racing, the bandit held her arms tight behind her back and pulled her into the centre of the station. “Hand over all the money or we start shooting!” Janie’s captor roared, shoving her down in front of the ticket booth. Janie watched as he started pulling the drawers out of cash registers and emptying the money into brown sacks.

Janie waited till all the robbers had their backs turned to her then climbed into the ticket booth behind her. She took a deep breath to calm herself. But she wasn’t terrified, as she would have thought, but instead she felt exhilarated. Although she didn’t see it, Janie’s hair turned bright red.

As she looked around the ticket booth, she wondered what she could use. There was a black jacket and, for some reason, a black mask. She pulled on the jacket and the mask and snuck out of the ticket box. She looked around, careful not to be seen herself. She saw a small hand gun sticking out of a thug’s pocket. She willed herself to be invisible, and without knowing it, she turned invisible. She tip toed up to the guy and pulled the gun from the guy’s pocket and snuck down to the platform where Micky and Terry were.

She creeped down the stairs to the platform where she saw Terry, Micky and a few other people were tied up and put against the wall, she slinked behind her friends. “Transform, I’ll distract them.” She whispered. Micky and Terry nodded as little as they could, so they wouldn’t get noticed by the five or so gunners on the platform.

Janie turned visible again in front of the gunners to distract them. The thugs visibly jumped as they saw her. “How the hell did she get down ‘ere?” one of them yelled in a strong accent. “Don’t matter! Just shoot her!” another yelled. All five bandits unloaded rounds on Janie, but all the bullets were deflected by long white sword like feathers. Janie looked beside her to see Micky, wielding two Katana like white feathers protruding from under her sleeves.

Terry turned into his black pegasus and used his big black wings to knock the gunners off their feet and against the wall and knocked them out, “Whoo! I haven’t felt this alive in a while!” He said, turning back to normal. “Hey, where’d they go?” he wondered noticing that the girls had gone upstairs to deal with the other gunman upstairs.

Meanwhile, upstairs.

Janie and Micky bolted up the stairs to take out the other thugs. Terry came up behind them. “Ready?” said Janie, readying herself. “Bring it!” said Terry, balling his fists. “Il est temps de jeu.” (It’s game time.) Said Micky. Her feathered swords at the ready.






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