Phoenix Stone Chapter 5

 “There we go! Now you’re an official member of Fairy Tail!” Said Mirajane, stamping a teal Fairy Tail symbol on Natalie’s shoulder. “Thanks Mira!” Said Natalie, excited to get to work.

The Master of Fairy Tail, Makarov, stood up on the banisters of the second floor, Natalie looked up in interest, as did everyone else in the guild. “Everyone! May I have your attention please!” He yelled, getting everyone’s attention. Even Cana put down her barrel to listen. “Now, we all know the annual Grand Magic Games is coming up in five months! So be sure to train up! We want to keep the top spot in fiore after all!” He said. “We can’t let Saber Tooth take it from us can we?” Everyone in the guild hall cheered in agreement. Natali cheered as well, not that she knew what was going on, but she was ready to see her new guild through to the end!

The next day Natalie looked for a job on the request board, preferably an easy one, but more than three-hundred jewel for pay. She was going to stay at the guild dorm, Fairy Hills, but she hadn’t bought a room yet. So she needed money to cover her rent, plus money for food. Then she remembered, Phantom Lord and Raven Tail were watching the guild. They would kidnap any of the members who went out on a job alone.

Levy’s team, Shadow Gear, had been lucky. There wasn’t much of a chance luck would see them out again. The most she could do was train for the games. She sighed, she walked out the back door of the guild hall to the beach behind the guild. It was a warm day and most of magnolia was outside enjoying the sunshine. Natalie sat down on the sand and thought to herself. ‘What should I train in?’ she thought. She didn’t even know what the games were. Would they have puzzles and riddles? Or would it be about fighting and who’s strongest? Or would it be who’s fastest? Natalie for the life of her could not even begin to guess!

She knew the games were in five months, so why not split it up? She would spend two months and two weeks on fighting and strength, and two months and two weeks on her mental abilities! It was the perfect game plan!

For the next five months, Natalie spent all her time in honing her strength and her mental capabilities. A week before the games Natalie sat in the guild hall figuring out a puzzle she had borrowed from Levy, when Master Makarov made an announcement. “It’s a week till the Games so I’ll announce the team now! Just so you know the people who design the games events this year dropped the guild masters a hint a few days ago. He said: This year’s going to be a brain teaser.” Said the master. “So that leads me to believe that this year’s games are to be about more brain than brawn though I will be putting in a few fighters just in case!” Natalie looked up in excitement. She could be in the team! “So the wizards who made the team are: Levy! Gajeel! Juvia! Wendy and Romeo!” The master called. Natsu spat out his drink in his haste to yell, “Hey! What about me!? I’m one of the strongest people in the guild!” “Are those ears of yours just for show!?” The master yelled at him. “I need smart people!” “You saying I’m not smart?” Natsu yelled

Natalie sighed and continued her puzzle. She frowned as she solved it. She wasn’t annoyed at not being on the team, she wouldn’t sink that low. But she had been a little disappointed, Levy had told her about how everyone on the team that won the last grand magic games for Fairy Tail had become famous. Everyone in every town knew their names. Natalie had wondered that if she had been able to get on the team and help Fairy Tail win, she might have been able to find someone who remembered her and could help bring her memories back.

‘but,’ She thought, ‘it’s probably for the best, the people on the team were stronger and smarter than I could ever be.’ Natalie placed the completed puzzle on the table and walked out the back door.

Natalie stared at the sea out the back of the guild hall, she took a deep breath of the salty sea air and turned back to the guild hall. She stood on a large flat rock just under the guild halls overhanging roof. Natalie stood on it and held on to the roof tiles and pulled herself up, she climbed up the roof until she got to the top she sat on the top and looked out at the green sea, the sun set behind it, turning the water green. Natalie stared at the water for a few minutes, before sticking her nose in the air and taking a few sniffs.

“Come out, I know you’re there, I can smell you.” She said. hearing someone behind her. The person behind her climbed up and sat down beside her. “How could you smell me?” He asked, slightly confused. “Dragon slayer nose, believe me when I say the nose always nose. Mest, right?” said Natalie. “Yes, you don’t remember anything?” Mest asked. “Nothing.”


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