Janie Skyclife Chapter 4


As Janie, Terry and Micky raced to Janie’s apartment, ideas about the spell came in thick and fast to Janie’s head. ‘Maybe we should cast the spell then figure out the riddle, that might be able to help us!’ she thought. When they made it back to Janie’s flat, Micky was the first to grab the paper that the paper on it and pulled her wand out of her backpack and started reading it through.

“Right, let’s see here…” she mumbled scanning the page. “I have an idea, but it’ll be dangerous.” Janie said reading over Micky’s shoulder. “If we find out what the spell does it’ll be worth it.” Said Terry, picking up his wand. “We test out the spell, easy peasy!” “NO! We don’t even know what it does yet!” Micky and Terry said in unison. “It’s still something and worth a shot!” Janie argued. “Come on, any damage and I’ll pay for it but come on let’s test it out! We’ll know sooner or later!”

“She has a point.” Said Micky, looking at Terry smiling. “Fine. It’s your funeral.” He said. “Ok! Where can we test it out?” said Janie thoughtfully. “You haven’t even thought about that!?” Terry and Micky yelled in disbelief. “I know! Let’s go to the park! I know a good spot where we’ll be completely hidden from sight!” said Janie gabbing her bag and holding the front door open. Terry and Micky grabbed their bags and their wands and the piece of paper the spell was on and all three bolted out the door.

When they got to the park Janie led them towards a big tree in the centre of the park and she ducked between branches. They climbed through the branches and when they saw the trunk of the tree, Janie walked to the other side of it and over a broken stone wall and into a secluded corner of the park barricaded by thick bushes, tall trees and large rocks.

“How did you find this place?” asked Micky looking around, impressed. “I was writing in the park and one the pages flew away and into here.” Said Janie putting her bag down on a green grassy circle in the middle of the area. “This place is awesome.” Said Terry putting his bag down next to Janie’s, Micky copied him. Micky pulled her wand and the spell form her bag and aimed her wand at a small rock and cast the spell.

They waited, they waited, and…nothing happened. “Apparently it doesn’t work on inanimate objects.” Said Terry, pointing out the obvious. “Maybe it only works on people…” wondered Janie. “Are you guys thinking what I’m thinking? She asked. “I’m game.” Agreed Micky. “No way in hell!” said Terry, frowning. “Sorry Terry! You’re over ruled.” Said Janie and Micky in unison.

 “Fine, do me.” Said Terry, sighing. “Okay! Ready? Cum animali featres maledicam maledut malediceret tibi: et in saecula saeculorum!” yelled Micky, pointing her wand at Terry. There was a flash of black light, Janie blinked, if only for a second. When Janie and Micky opened their eyes, Terry had transformed into a black Pegasus! His feathered wings, hoofs and mane had dark blue tips while the rest of him was pitch black. He looked awesome. “Animals, spells, people into to animals, animagi! Animagi! We found it! We found the animagus spell!” said Micky, jumping up and down. With a slight pop Terry turned back to normal, sprawled on the ground. “Yes! We found the animagus spell! Hell yeah!” he said triumphantly. “Do me! Do me!” Said Micky in excitement, handing Terry the spell. “Ok…” He said reading the spell. “Ready? Cum animali featres maledicam maledut malediceret tibi: et in saecula saeculorum!” He said pointing his wand at Micky. This time there was a flash of white light and Janie closed her eyes again! ‘I need to stop flinching!’ She told herself sternly. Janie opened her eyes and saw that Micky had turned into a white swan.

With a slight pop Micky turned back to normal, except for one thing. “Micky, your hair!” Janie exclaimed in surprise. Micky’s hair was platinum blonde! “That didn’t happen to me!” Said Terry. “Thank goodness for that! You’d look pretty stupid with blonde hair!” Said Janie, smirking. “Blonde or not I can wear white and not look silly! Yay!” said Micky happily. “Now I don’t have to get a dye job!” “My turn!” Said Janie, eager to see what animal she could turn into.

“Ok. Ready?” Said Micky pointing her wand at Janie. “Cum animali featres maledicam maledut malediceret tibi: et in saecula saeculorum!” There was a flash of light, red this time. When Micky and Terry opened their eyes, (Terry could have sworn he went blind for a minute) Janie hadn’t changed at all. She was still human.

“Why didn’t I change?” Groaned Janie, she Micky and Terry were on the way to the train station to go back to Janie’s apartment. “It’s not your fault. Maybe it only works with wizards?” Said Micky. “Thanks, that makes me feel so much better.” Said Janie sarcastically, as they walked into the train station. “I’ll get the tickets.” Said Janie. Walking over to the ticket booth. “We’ll wait for you on the platform!” Terry called as he and Micky went down the stairs to the platform.

Janie walked over to the ticket booth. “Three students to London please.” She said gloomily to the ticket vendor while examining her laces. “Fifteen pounds please.” The ticket vendor said. Janie handed her the fifteen pounds. Just as she was doing so, a hand covered her mouth and put a gun to her head. “This is a stick up!” The person roared. “Give us the money and no one will have to get hurt!” From what Janie could see, five other men ran into the room grabbing people and shoving them into a line down the station.

Janie could tell the same thought was running through everyone else’s head, she could tell because she was thinking the same thing. “I’m a hostage.”





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