Phoenix Stone Chapter 4

“But, I haven’t beat you into a pulp yet!” said Natsu. “Tell me one thing though, what do they call you in the other towns, apart from your name.” Natalie asked. “Some people in the other towns call me Salamander.” Said Natsu, helping Natalie up. “Salamander…” said Natalie under her breath. It sounded familiar, like she had known it, but had forgotten it. “Hey Natsu, are we going to find work or what?” said Happy. “Crap! Work! We’ll see you when we get back!” He called over his shoulder as he ran into the guild hall, Happy and Lucy behind him.

Natalie wondered what had caused her amnesia in the first place. It had to have been something bad to have taken out all her memories. “Would you like to join Fairy Tail?” asked Mira. “Sure, at least, till I get my memories back.” Agreed Natalie. “Okay! Let’s go to the Master!” said Mira, pulling towards the guild hall.

When they were back inside, Mirajane pulled Natalie towards a little old man sitting at a small square table taking large gulps from a wooden mug. He was talking to Natsu, Lucy and Happy, Lucy was holding a piece of paper rolled in a scroll. As Natalie and Mira neared them, Natalie could listen in to their conversation. “I said no Natsu! It’s far too risky!” said the little old man. Natalie guessed he was the master of Fairy Tail, Master Makarov Dreya. “Who cares? I live for risky!” Natsu retorted. “I care! I’m not going if my life’s at stake!” said Lucy, handing Natsu the job flyer back.

“You’re going with me whether you like it or not.” Said Natsu turning to Lucy. “Make me!” “I don’t have to you’ll make yourself!” said Natsu, grinning. “Why did I have to make friends with the biggest risk-taker in the guild!?” Lucy said to herself. “I don’t care who’s going or not you are not going on a job with such high risks at present!” said the master. “What risks?” Natalie asked, confused. “Ever since a few days ago, our members have been disappearing, one by one. The two things they’ve had in common, they had been restless and had been heading off to a job in spite of the master’s stern warnings.” Mira explained gravely. “Who do you think is doing it?” Natalie wondered aloud. “No one knows, but the Master has his suspicions. But he’s been drinking a lot since the first disappearance.” Said Mira. “Who disappeared first?” asked Natalie.

“Gray and Juvia went first, Erza disappeared on an S-class quest. Laxus and the Thunder Legion went on an S-class quest and never even made it to where the job was in the first place.” Mira said with a sigh. “The ones that kidnapped them had to be powerful, Erza and Laxus where S-class and Gray and Juvia were in the running for S-class last time.” “Wow… They had to be powerful.” Natalie agreed. “So you’re all camping out in here?” “Yes, some of us have rent to pay and since we can’t work some of us need to bunk here. Lucy has rent to pay, Levy has rent to pay, Wendy has rent to pay, most of us bunk out here because we can’t pay rent. You and Levy’s team were really lucky not to have been caught.” Said Mira “Some of us are lucky and can stay over at a friend’s place, like Lucy can bunk at Natsu and Happy’s house. Some of us aren’t so lucky.”

“Wish I could remember my friends.” Said Natalie with a sigh. Suddenly the front door of the guild hall creaked open and two people stood silhouetted against the light of the setting sun. It was a man and a woman. The man was leaning on the woman and was limping slightly, they stumbled into the guild hall. “We made it back alive!” “We’re home!” they called into the guild hall. The sun set under the hills in the distance, leaving the two people in the semi-darkness of the guild hall. As Natalie’s eyes adjusted, she saw the man had black hair and a dark blue Fairy Tail emblem on his chest. The woman had light blue hair and had a light blue emblem on her thigh. Both people’s clothes were torn and ripped, while the people themselves were scared and battle-worn.

“What happened to you two?” called Gajeel, from a table through a mouth full of iron. “Five words, Phantom Lord and Raven Tail.” said the blacked haired man. Natalie shuddered as she heard the names. She felt fear, at the mere sound of those names. She didn’t know what the names meant, or why she feared them, but what she did know is that she did fear them. “What the hell are you talking about? Phantom Lord disbanded years ago.” Said Natsu, apparently mystified.

“What’s Phantom Lord and Raven Tail?” Natalie asked Mirajane. “Phantom Lord and Raven Tail are dark guilds. But Phantom Lord was supposed to have disbanded around nine years ago. Juvia and Gajeel used to be members of Phantom Lord. Raven Tail, we don’t know much about.” Said Mirajane, frowning and making her usually very pretty face look quite scary. Natalie looked at Gajeel and Juvia, she sensed that Juvia was scared, but relived to be back at the guild. She also sensed that Gajeel was surprised and shaken, but wasn’t showing it. She could tell that everyone else in the guild felt the same as he did. She sensed that Levy, Jet and Droy were more scared then surprised. Natalie felt like she knew the fear the guild was feeling, like she had forgotten it.

“Why is everyone scared?” She asked. “How do you know that?” Mira asked her. “I can sense it, can’t you? The tension is so thick in here you could cut it with a brick!” “I can’t sense anything.” said Mirajane looking confused. Natalie thought about Phantom Lord, any guild worth being scared of had to be frightening. They sounded like the type of guild that could and would destroy entire guilds just for the sake of destroying them.

Suddenly, broken images whirled through her mind’s eye, her memories, but only a couple of them. A small village, burning to the ground, people fleeing into the forest that surrounded them. A few people were fighting, Ice and water cast blue flashes in the dark sky, arrows shot the offenders, swords flashed while a red head reequipped into armour, shooting hundreds of swords at the enemy. A girl with pink hair ran into the fight, breathing fire at the offenders. “Run! They’re after the stone!” yelled a brown haired girl ran forward, a quiver slung over her shoulder a bow in her hand.

“No way! I’m not leaving you here!” The fire breather yelled back. “They’re after the stone! They are after you! They won’t rest until they have it and that means you need to run!” The archer yelled at the fire breather. The pink haired girl nodded, and ran towards the forest, pausing only to look back at the edge if the trees.

“Are you okay Natalie?” Mira’s voice broke through Natalie’s thoughts. “You’re white.” “I’m fine.” Said Natalie, smiling even though she felt the exact opposite on the inside. The same phrase echoed inside her head. ‘Phantom Lord and Raven Tail destroyed my guild.’


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