Janie Skyclife Chapter 3

After a few hours of scouring Terry’s and Micky’s spell books, trying every language in google translate, Janie struck gold. “Guys, have we tried Latin?” she asked the others, through a mouthful of pizza. “No, we haven’t…” Terry confirmed, “Check! Quickly now!” said Micky, lapsing into a French accent. “What was that?” remarked Janie and Terry in unison. “I’m half French. I lapse when I’m excited.” Micky said simply.

Janie and Terry rolled their eyes, Janie used her laptop to look up a Latin to English translator and typed in the spell. It didn’t translate at all! It stayed: Cum animali featres      maledicam maledut malediceret tibi: et in saecula saeculorum!

“Do either of you know what that means?” Janie asked. “No idea but it looks like we’re going to have to solve this riddle Anywho.” Said Terry, sighing. “Putain de merde! It’s ten o’clock and we have school tomorrow!” Janie and Terry looked at Micky and they both raised an eyebrow. “What? It’s what happened when you’re half French!”

The next day at school, Janie managed to make it through to lunch without coming face to face with Moira and the Tortarelli twins once, but Terry and Janie didn’t see Micky the whole time until lunch. As soon as the bell for lunch went Janie and Terry grabbed their bags and booked it to the big willow tree that was perfect for climbing. Terry had told Janie that for each of the groups at school they each had their own secluded hideouts. Janie, Terry and Micky’s hide out was the top of the medium-climbable willow tree in the courtyard overlooking the school if you climbed high enough.

Janie and Terry climbed as high as they could to eat their lunch in peace. As Janie was stuffing a piece of sushi into her mouth, something in the oak tree outside the school caught her eye. The oak tree was also very climbable but too easy for a hideout to be made in it. But there was someone in it. Something was nagging at Janie, telling her something was wrong.

“Hey, Terry, tell me if I’m wrong, but is there someone in the tree over there?” She asked him, wondering if she was imagining things. “No, you’re right.” He said, wedging his lunch box and his bag between branches and climbing down the tree, Janie copied him, feeling a sense of impending dread.

They raced toward the front of the school and jumped the fence to run towards the big oak. Terry reached it first and jumped of the fence and grabbed on to one of the lower branches. He swung himself up to the branch the person was. Janie stayed on the ground, she looked up at Terry, who was swinging up to the person in the tree. The person’s long black plait swung down from where the person was. Long black hair that looked familiar to Janie, a smell drifted on the breeze.

It was the same scent Micky used, she had told her that it was from France from when she went there last summer. “Micky…” Janie whispered in horror. “Damn…” whispered Terry, hauling Micky down from the tree. “What happened to her?” Janie called up the tree. “Chlorophome if you ask me.” Terry called back down the tree. “I – what’s that?” Janie asked, looking confused. “A chemical that knocks you out cold.” “Oh.” Said Janie, feeling dumb. “So she’s not hurt?” “Nope, not that I can see.” “Good.” “Hey Janie, can you catch?” Terry called down. “Yeah I think so.” Janie called back up, nervously. “Good. Catch!” Terry called down, dropping Micky through a gap in the branches. Janie caught her, laid her on the ground and tried to wake her up. “Hey Micky! Time to wake up buddy!” said Janie. “Ce que le baiser!?” Micky yelled sitting bolt upright. Micky looked up at the sky to look at the sun to see what the time was. “What the hell? It’s twelve already!? I missed math!” she said with a groan.

“Micky what happened to you?” asked Janie, glad to see Micky back to normal. “I’d like to joke about this, but I don’t know. First thing I knew, I was on the way to school, the next, I’m here!” said Micky in confusion. “You really don’t remember anything?” Terry asked, jumping down from the oak tree. “Nothing.” Micky said firmly. “should we go back to school or do a runner?” debated Janie. “I’d rather do a runner.” Terry seconded. “Me too if we can work on the spell, I have a few ideas.” Agreed Micky. “Okay but let’s run.” Said Janie, gesturing back at the school as the bell for the afternoon classes started. “Aye.” Said Terry and Micky in unison. All three of them ran towards the nearest bus stop and in a few minutes, took the bus that went to the area of London where Janie’s apartment was.

Three people, poked their heads out from behind the wall separating the school courtyard form the footpath. “I’ll get you sometime, Team Enchanted.” Said the dark haired girl, the leader. The identical blonde girls behind her grinned and smiled in agreement.


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