Phoenix Stone Chapter 3

“Dragon slayer huh? Levy said that I could use that.” Natalie said in interest. “There are only a few dragon slayers left in Fiore. We have four in our guild. Natsu, Gajeel, Laxus and Wendy.” Said Mirajane. “Only four in the entire guild?” said Natalie in astonishment. She had thought that in a guild of this size that there would have been more than that. “Yeah, Natsu, Gajeel and Wendy learned their magic from dragons while Laxus gained his from a dragon lacrima.” Mirajane said, smiling. “Did you learn your magic from a dragon?” “I don’t know for sure, but I might’ve. I can’t remember much about myself, but I know my name and my magic and that’s all.” Said Natalie.

“Some form of amnesia?” said Mirajane. “I think so.” “Well, would you like to join Fairy Tail until your memory comes back?” said Mirajane cheerfully. “Sure, I promised myself that if I didn’t remember what guild I was in on the way here than I’d join Levy’s guild.” Natalie said, sticking to the promise she’d made to herself. “Hey Mira! We thought you’d be out here! Natsu’s ready to have another round with the boulder!” came a voice from behind Natalie, she turned around and saw two people and a flying blue cat in the doorway of the guild hall.

“Natsu, Lucy! You’re back!” said Mirajane. “I’m here too Mira!” said the blue cat flying over. “So how about that boulder Mira?” Natsu called running up to them. “It’s been taken care of Natsu.” Said Mirajane teasingly. “What!? I thought I could destroy stuff better than anyone in the guild besides Gildarts!” he said, disbelievingly. “We all know that a little too well. But Natalie here did it in one hit!” said Mirajane, gesturing towards Natalie. “Wow, really?” said Lucy, coming up. “Not even Natsu could destroy that boulder!” “Why?” said Natalie. “The boulder was a type of rock that was magic proof and unbreakable! So it really is impressive that any wizard could have broken it.” Said Happy.

“But couldn’t you have just pulled it out of the ground?” said Natalie, her mind catching up with her. “It’s a growing stone, it grows the longer it’s left in the ground. It would just grow again if we pulled it out, so we had to destroy it before it grew more.” Said Mirajane. “So it was you that destroyed the rock yeah?” Said Natsu loudly. “Yeah.” Said Natalie. “Okay! I’m gonna fight you right here and know to see who’s stronger!” he said aggressively. “Is he always like this?” Natalie whispered to Lucy and Mirajane. “Always.” Lucy and Mira said in unison.

“Alright I accept your challenge!” Natalie said, she didn’t know what made her say it, but she knew she could hold her own against him. “Let’s go!” he said, lighting his fist. “Bring it!” said Natalie, readying herself. Natsu ran at Natalie, and yelled, “Fire Dragon Iron Fist!” Natsu lashed out while Natalie stepped to the side and Natsu fell face down onto the ground. “Give up?” she said smiling. “I never give up.” He said, getting up and trying to punch her again. Somehow Natalie saw it coming and dodged again, she side stepped his punched as fast as she could.

“Fire Dragon Talon!” He said, whipping around and starting a kick. Natalie ducked, as his leg passed over her head she grabbed his arm and pulled it behind his back, and kicked him the back of his knee and pushed him into the ground. “Give up yet?” she said. “Not yet.” Said Natsu, lighting his hand that Natalie held behind his back. “Feel the burn?” he said, making his lit hand burn hotter and brighter. “I can’t feel a thing.” She said. It was true. The fire Natsu made didn’t burn at all! She wasn’t harmed by it.  “How come you can’t feel my fire?” he said. “Honestly, I don’t know.” Said Natalie, truthfully. She had only discovered her own magic the previous night. “Why isn’t she harmed by Natsu’s fire?” Lucy said to Mira.

Mira whispered something to Lucy and Happy. “What!?” Lucy and Happy exclaimed in unison. “Give up?” Natalie said to Natsu. “I told you, I never give up!” said Natsu. “There’s still a way to turn this around.” He grinned, in a quick movement he twitched his leg knocking one of Natalie’s legs out from under her and sending her off-balance and loosening her grip. “Told ya!” He said. “Now use your magic before I cream ya!” He instantly stood up and punched her off her feet. Natalie flipped and landed on her feet a few feet away.

“Nice move.” She said. “Alright, I’ll use my magic.” “Be careful Natsu!” Happy called from the sidelines. “No matter how powerful she is she’s still just a kid!” Lucy added. “I know she’s a kid but I’m not gonna go easy on her just because of that!” Natsu called back. Natsu ran at Natalie, jumping to aim a blow at her shoulder. Natalie stepped to the side, Natsu attacked, but missed, behind him Natalie launched an attack of her own. “Fire Dragon Flame Elbow.” She whispered, bringing her elbow down onto his back, slamming him to the ground.

“You’re tough.” He said, getting up. “You’re not too bad yourself.” Said Natalie, smiling. “Fire Dragon Talon!” He said, bringing his foot around to connect with her shoulder. Natalie saw it coming and ducked, but instead of his foot swinging harmlessly over her, he brought his flaming fist down instead! “Fire Dragon Iron Fist!” He said, bringing down his fist, it was five inches form her head when she swung her arm up to block it, his fist landing on her forearm, leaving a red mark. “She blocked my attack?” Natsu, whispered, surprised. He had only ever known other dragon slayers blocking that attack. Gajeel blocked it, Laxus blocked it, Sting blocked it, as far as he knew only other dragon slayers could have withstood that attack without being knocked off their feet.

As soon as he realised this, his fire started drifting away from his fist and toward Natalie. Then he realised that the fire wasn’t drifting on it’s on accord, Natalie was eating it. “No way…” He whispered, caught off guard. “I thought that would be spicy as hell but it actually tasted good.” Said Natalie, grinning at him. “I surrender. You win Natsu.”


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