Janie Skyclife Chapter 2

After school as Janie and Terry walked back to Janie’s apartment, Janie was wishing that she had thought to clean up the day before. All the normal stuff like clothes and dishes and things were all clean and tidy but it was her hobby stuff that was the problem. Filled resin moulds lay on the window sill, pop head figures lay fallen over on their shelfs, her laptop lay open on the desk, next to it was a thick note book laying open covered in curly writing, on the laptops other side was a couple of sheets of paper with pictures of people drawn on them.

 Quotes, pictures and posters covered the walls, almost completely hiding the floral wall paper. A low table in the middle of the room caught Terry’s eye, it had a normal pack of playing cards and several packs of Yu-Gi-Oh playing cards lay open and small piles of the cards lay neatly on the table.

“Sorry I forgot to tidy up yesterday.” Said Janie, putting a fallen Happy pop figure back on the shelf beside a Natsu figure. “That’s okay, I never remember either.” Said Terry, looking around the room with interest. “Hey, you collect Yu-Gi-Oh cards too?” he said pointing to the boxes. “Yeah, I watch the series so I’m alright at playing the game, you?” said Janie, closing the laptop and plugging it in. “Same here, except I’ve got about five card packs now.” Said Terry, looking at the cards. “What’s your deck based on?” he asked.

“My deck’s based on spell casters and Fairy types so far, but I’m still hunting for the Dark Magician.” She said, now putting the half full notebook on another shelf with about three others. “Yeah?” said Terry thoughtfully. “So what were you going to warn me about in school?” asked Janie sitting on the desk chair. “Please, take a seat.” She said, gesturing to the small but comfy looking couch facing a small TV. “There’s something about Moira and the Tortarelli twins.” Said Terry, turning serious. “Yeah?” said Janie. “Well, you should look out for them. Anything they say is almost always a lie.  Especially about people you trust.” He said, looking grave. “They’re the type of people that enjoy spreading gossip around the school and turning people against each other.” “I thought there was something off about them. The Tortarelli twins are identical blondies at the front of the class right?” said Janie, remembering the blonde girls at the front of the class, they had looked almost identical except for the fact that they had gold bracelets on the wrist opposite the other ones. “Yep, that’s them.” Said Terry. “The girl that sat between them, that’s Moira, right? Moira Cassidelia.” Janie said, frowning. “Spot on. That’s why everyone walked off with someone else at lunch today. No one can afford to be left behind with them in class or they will set you against the people they trust.” Said Terry. “Among the students, the groups are called teams. The teachers think it’s ordinary for students to go off together. Until you joined there was an even number in class but now there’s an odd number. Me and Micky have teamed up but, you can join our team if you want to.” “So, kind’ve like survival of the fittest, except survival of the most loyal.” Janie said with a laugh. “So, can Micky and I trust you?” said Terry, holding out his hand. “Always.” Said Janie, shaking it. “Welcome to the team. First things first, there’s something you need to know about Micky and me.” He said, smiling and pulling a thin strip of wood out of his backpack. “What’s that?” Janie asked, staring at it. She could sense the strip of wood was generating something, but what? “You’ve read Harry Potter haven’t you?” said Terry grinning. “Wha-ohh…” murmured Janie, her brow clearing. “Is that what I think it is?” she said. “It’s exactly what you think it is!” He said triumphantly. “That’s where you went for seven years?” said Janie, grinning. “You have to show some of the spells you learnt!” “Don’t forget, Micky came with me too.” “No way!” “Yes Way!” said Terry. “What house were you in?” Janie asked admirably. “Micky and I were both in Ravenclaw.” Said Terry proudly. “Oooh the smart house! What was it like?” said Janie, she adored magic of any type and the thought that both of her friends were wizards almost made Janie fizz up and almost explode! “The examiners seemed not to give Ravenclaws exceptions but they gave the other houses second chances to get spells right while we have to get a hole in one!” said Terry in exasperation. “But me and Micky got all of them first try anyway so we sure showed up Hufflepuff!” “Yeah? Tell me more!” “Well, Micky and I mastered every spell except for one and we still don’t know what it does yet!” He said in exasperation. “That’s ticking you off ain’t it?” said Janie, picking up on his annoyance.


“Majorly!” he confirmed, frowning. “Come on, show me, I might be able to pick up on it.” Said Janie, curiously. “Okay. The book had a riddle in it as a clue to figure out what it does, no one in the whole of Ravenclaw tower could solve the riddle. No one!” said Terry. “Let me have a crack it…” said Janie. Terry nodded and pulled an old book from his backpack, opened it to a specific page and gave it to Janie. “God, this is old.” Janie said, scanning the page. The page was dedicated to a riddle and a paragraph encoded in a foreign language or code of some type. “The animal on the inside come out to play, Say the words in the middle of the night, if of bad character, you won’t know what to say. Say the spell and turn into a creature, the nicks of your nature, determine your feature. Fix the formula and bring what’s inside out.” Janie read aloud. “It makes no sense whatsoever.” Said Terry, looking annoyed. “Did you ever decode the paragraph here?” said Janie, staring at the small paragraph covered in small symbols. It said: Animali featres maledicam maledicentibus ティビ、マヌス ・ デ ・ イヌのザーメン et ungulas 等、aut 鼻らの asinus ああ aquilae、et オクルス Cyclopum、ユタ州 malediceret ティビ: saecula saeculorum et!

“I wonder what language this is…” Janie said, greatly intrigued. “Some of the symbols look familiar, though. Like I’ve seen them before.” “That’s what me and Micky thought too.” Said Terry. “Do you reckon Micky’s free? Maybe if we put our heads together we can come up with something.” Said Janie, gently running her finger down the strange yet familiar symbols. “I don’t know, maybe. I’ll call here up.” Said Terry pulling out his phone from his pocket and dialling a number. Ten or so minutes later Micky arrived all smiles, a bag of heavy books slung over her shoulder and a stick quite like Terry’s behind her ear. “Let’s get to work.” She said, grinning.



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