Fairy Tail: Phoenix Stone Chapter 2

Natalie stared at the carriage they had to use to get from the nearest town back to Magnolia. Jet, Droy and Levy clambered in but Gajeel stayed where he was staring at the carriage in horror. “You know, maybe I’ll just walk…” He said, taking a few steps backwards. “You know it’ll take hours to walk back to magnolia. This is the quickest way.” Said Panther Lily, pushing him towards the carriage door. “Come on Gajeel, suck it up.” Said Levy hanging out the window to watch this little scena unfold. “I’m not getting in to that death trap ever!” he yelled, but Lily shoved him in anyway. Natalie watched all this in amusement, she climbed aboard. “What’s so wrong about the carriage?” she asked. “All the dragon slayers except Laxus, as far as I know, gets motion sickness really easily, except Wendy that is.” Said Levy. Then the carriage started moving. Gajeel hung out the window, But Natalie didn’t feel great either. She also hung out the window opposite Gajeel, trying not to hurl.

“So you get motion sickness too huh? Guess that makes sense.” Said Levy, smiling. Jet pulled out a book from his bag and Droy started munching on a chicken leg. A few hours later the carriage rolled to a stop outside Magnolia. Natalie stumbled out first while Levy jumped down after her. Jet and Droy followed suit. Lily came down last carrying Gajeel and dropped him on the ground.  “Gajeel, It’s stopped moving.” Said Levy, grinning. “I’m okay.” Said Gajeel, jumping to his feet, but still a little unsteady. “Tell me when the world stops spinning.” Said Natalie leaning on a tree. “Welcome to my world.” Said Gajeel, starting towards the town. “So have you remembered anything else since this morning?” Levy asked Natalie. “Apart from the fact I get motion sickness, no.”

The group started towards the town of Magnolia. As they walked through the town people stared at them, but it wasn’t the praising stare like how they had stared at them after Fairy Tail had won the Grand Magic Games, it wasn’t an accusing stare either, it felt more like, “Pity.” Natalie whispered to herself under her breath. Levy, Jet and Droy started running while Lily flew a few feet above the rooftops to get a better look. “There’s nothing wrong that I can see.” He said, “If we hurry we can get to the guild hall and ask what’s going on.” Said Levy running towards the guild hall, Jet and Droy at her heels. Once they reached the guild hall Natalie noticed something, the door was ajar, they could hear quite well what was going on inside.

But even with the door ajar there was no noise to be heard as they walked into the guild hall. From what Natalie heard from the others, Fairy Tail was a lively guild, filled with noise and laughter, and the odd flame and ice shard hit the ceiling every now and then. But that was not the case now. The guild hall was packed but it was quiet, the wizards inside were either eating, drinking or having whispered conversations. Curtains covered the windows, casting the guild in semi-darkness

Levy saw Fairy Tail’s master Makarov sitting at his square table at the end of the guild hall, she ran over to him and asked him what was going on. Jet, Droy, Gajeel and Lily came over to hear the last words the master said. Natalie stayed where she was, she didn’t hear what was said, but she had a strange feeling it was connected to her somehow but she didn’t know how.

Mira Jane looked up from wiping glasses and saw Natalie standing by the door. Natalie put her hood down so she could see better in the semi-darkness of the guild hall. “Oh, a new comer!” Said Mira Jane, putting down the glass and walking over to her. “Hi! I’m Mira jane! What’s your name?” said Mira. “I’m Natalie.” Natalie said, smiling. She liked the look of Mira. “You came in with Levy right?” Mira asked curiously. “Yeah, we met when they were coming back from a job.”

Said Natalie. “What type of magic can you use?” said Mira, smiling. “I can use fire magic.” “What type of fire magic? There are a lot of different types!” said Mira, looking interested. “I don’t really know what it’s called, but I can use it.” Natalie looked sheepish, she felt like she knew what it was called but she just didn’t remember, another memory victim of her amnesia, she thought.

“That’s okay, you can show a spell or two and I’m pretty sure I’ll know what it’s called!” said Mira. “Come on! Let’s head out back!” Mira walked towards a door that lead through to the back, Natalie guessed. The back door lead out to a beach that was the coast. There was a forest not far on their left and mountains with snowy peaks on their right.

“Let’s try out your magic on that boulder over there. We’ve been trying to get rid of it for ages but it won’t budge!” said Mira, pointing towards a big rock jutting out of the ground, it’s pointy top almost scratching the stone walls of the guild hall. “Just try not to hit the guild hall. I don’t know how many times we’ve had to rebuild it!” Mira said with a smile.

Natalie nodded, she concentrated hard and aimed towards the rock. She readied herself and pulled her fist back. Running towards the rock she said, “Fire Dragon Iron Fist!” The moment her fist connected with the rock, it blew apart. Natalie looked back at Mira, smiling. “Oh my, you’re a dragon slayer huh?”


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