Happy Holidays!

Hey guild mates! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! How have you guys been these holidays? Just so you know the Phoenix Stone chapter that was meant to be published on Thursday might be released sometime later this week because Christmas was pretty hectic and we went to Wentworth to visit, and my computer went flat and there … Continue reading Happy Holidays!


Janie Skyclife Chapter 4

  As Janie, Terry and Micky raced to Janie’s apartment, ideas about the spell came in thick and fast to Janie’s head. ‘Maybe we should cast the spell then figure out the riddle, that might be able to help us!’ she thought. When they made it back to Janie’s flat, Micky was the first to … Continue reading Janie Skyclife Chapter 4

Janie Skyclife Chapter 3

After a few hours of scouring Terry’s and Micky’s spell books, trying every language in google translate, Janie struck gold. “Guys, have we tried Latin?” she asked the others, through a mouthful of pizza. “No, we haven’t…” Terry confirmed, “Check! Quickly now!” said Micky, lapsing into a French accent. “What was that?” remarked Janie and … Continue reading Janie Skyclife Chapter 3