Janie Skyclife Chapter 1

Janie Skyclife reached for her alarm-clock, it was beeping. She switched it off and sat up in her cosy bed. She brushed her spikey bed-head hair out of her eyes and groaned as she remembered what day it was. Monday. A freshmen’s nightmare. Today would be Janie’s first day at high school, she had delayed it as long as possible, but now there was no avoiding it otherwise she would have to look over her shoulder for her mother for as long as she lived.

Janie got out of her bed and threw on some clothes before chugging some juice and pulling her and her hefty backpack out the door.  Janie lived in London in a small apartment with an amazing view, she could see the London Eyre (The giant Fraise Wheel) and Big Ben.

Janie took the bus to school, which was one minute late, As per usual. She bolted into class and sat down in one of the two empty seats just as the bell went. Two seconds after the bell went a boy bolted into the room and took the seat next to Janie. He had brown hair and brown eyes and he wore a leather jacket over a red T-shirt. Janie stared at him, hardly able to believe her eyes. “Terry?” She said, recognising him.

She knew Terry from Secondary School, but she hadn’t seen him for seven years, and now, he was in her class!? Best. First. Day. EVER! “Janie?” Said Terry looking at her. “I haven’t seen you for ages!” She said, grinning.

Just then the teacher came into the room. “Alright settle down, settle down. We’re going to have a revision test just to see if you’ve learnt something last weekend.” He said, putting his suitcase on the teacher desk and opening it. There was a rustle of movement as all the students except for Janie took out notebooks and walked up to the teaches desk and put them in a neat pile. A particular girl caught Janie’s eye, she had long black twin ponytails, a green checked jacket and a matching green pleated skirt, a white shirt and a red tie, she had bright green eyes and a cute smile.

She took the desk in front of Janie and, glancing at her, whispered, “Hi! You’re new aren’t you? I’m Micky!” she said, smiling. She looked like one of those cute anime schoolgirls. “Hi! I’m Janie.” Janie said, liking this anime like girl. “Micky, can you please stop talking and come and collect these quiz sheets to give out please?” said the teacher pulling out a pile of quiz sheets from his suitcase. Micky got up and picked the quiz sheets up from the teacher’s desk and handed one to each student in the class. Micky handed Janie and Terry a quiz paper each last. “Alright, you have ten seconds, start.”

Janie took the pen she had stuck in her red ponytail beforehand and started on the first question. ‘Subtract: 458 – 167 =’ Janie smirked, if all the questions were like this time was really going to drag. She moved on to the next question. ‘If you have 300 cakes and somebody asks for 247 how many do you have left?’ Janie grinned. She knew how to handle this one. She wrote, ‘300 and a dead body.’ Janie loved Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail. Janie answered the other questions five minutes before the time ran out. “Times up class!” said the teacher. “Alright, bring your papers up to me please and I’ll grade them.” There was a rustle of movement as all the students stood up from their desks and walking up to the teacher’s desk and putting the papers into a neat pile.

When everyone was sitting at their desks again the teacher pulled the pile of paper towards him and started marking them with a blue pen. Without turning her head Janie whispered, “So, where’ve you been for seven years?” “Boarding school.” Terry whispered back. “If the people in the back can stop whispering I can read out the marks.” Said the teacher. Janie jumped, the teacher was looking right at her. “Alright, top of the class, as usual Micky Clyde! 100%, good! Next, Terry Boot! Only one wrong, better than normal!” The teacher said, running down the list of marks.

“Third in class, Janie Skyclife. Good for a new girl, but explain this problem to me, if you have 300 cakes and somebody asks for 247, how many cakes do you have left?” The teacher said looking at Janie. “300 cakes.” She said, grinning. “Alright, what happens if they take 247 cakes by force?” said the teacher. “300 cakes and a dead body.” Said Janie, grinning. The whole class erupted into silent laughter. Janie couldn’t see her face but Micky’s shoulders were shaking with silent laughter. Terry banged the desk with his fist, tears streaming down his face. The bell rang signalling the end of class.



Only three people in the entire class weren’t laughing, a girl with long black hair she was wearing a white blouse, black vest and a white jacket, and a red skirt and tie. She was also wearing black stockings. The other two were also girls who were wearing the same thing except they had blonde hair and both of them were wearing matching gold bracelets and they were identical.

There was a rush as everyone threw their things into their bags and ran toward the door. Once they made it outside Terry started to head towards a big tree that looked like a climbing tree. Janie followed him, keeping pace till they reached the tree. When they finally reached it Terry turned around. “So what have you been doing?” he said, grinning.
“Oh, you know, little bit of this a little bit of that, but where have you been these past seven years?” Said Janie, sitting on a rotten stump. “Oh, stuff, went to a boarding school, took some exams, learnt that two plus two equals fish, and lots of other stuff besides.” He said, “But I nearly busted a lung when you made that joke in class!” “I know, classic Erza.” Said Janie wistfully. “Yeah you don’t want to take Erza’s strawberry cake.” Terry said, sitting on a low branch. “Yep, worst mistake of your life.” Janie said, laughing. “You want to catch up after school?” said Terry, smiling. “Sure why not?” Janie agreed. “There’s some stuff I want to warn you about here.” Said Terry, his previously laughing brown eyes now decidedly grave. “what stuff?” “I’ll tell you after school.”


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