Fairy Tail: Phoenix Stone Chapter 1

Fairy Tail’s team Shadow Gear were on their way back from a job in a small village known as Gryphonamia, it was sunset. “Why do we have to walk so slow?” Groaned Jet. “Because you’d just run of without us!” Said Levy. “Do you see that up ahead?” Said Panther Lily, pointing up the road to a dark red bundle. “Can’t tell who it is but I’m pretty sure it’s a person.” Said Gajeel, sniffing the air. “Oh no…” Whispered Levy, running towards the dark red bundle.

“Guys!” Levy yelled back to her team. Jet ran ahead. “Crap…” Whispered Jet. Droy, Gajeel and Lily ran (In Lily’s case flew) over to Jet and Levy. “What happened to her?” said Gajeel, voicing what everyone was thinking.

The bundle was not a bundle at all, but a girl, not much older than Levy. She had pale pink hair, a black one-sleeved shirt, light grey pants and red boots. She had a six pointed star on her uncovered shoulder. “She looks like she’s part of a guild.” Said Lily. “If she is where’s the rest of her team?” Said Levy. “Do you think we should make camp somewhere and head back to the guild in the morning?” Asked Droy. “Yeah, she doesn’t look like she’s in any condition to move right now.” Said Levy.  

They made camp in a small clearing nearby, they lit a fire via Levy’s solid script magic, and Droy set about making food. He had brought a sack of it just for the occasion. It was cold, Levy was shivering and trying to get as close to the fire as possible without burning herself. Jet was jogging on the spot to keep himself from freezing, while Lily was hovering over the fire so he didn’t have to sit on the cold ground.

“I never ever thought I’d say this but I’m starting to wish Salamander was here. ‘Least I could fight him and he wouldn’t complain.” Said Gajeel, through gritted teeth to stop them from chattering. “Well that’s at least one good thing, if he was here you two would destroy the entire forest!” said Levy, pulling her blanket around her. Levy glanced towards the pink-haired girl and noticed something different.

“Hey, I’ve just noticed something, we’re all freezing, and we’re inches from the fire, and she isn’t even shivering.” Said Levy. Pointing at the pink-haired girl. “Now that you mention it, she’s about as close to the fire as you are and she’s not even flinching.” Said Lily, looking at her closely from in the air above the fire.


“She’s got her back to the fire too.” Said Jet, stopping his jogging. “Do you think she’s okay?” Levy wondered out loud. “If you ask me, she looks like she’s sleeping.” Said Droy gnawing on a chicken leg. “Yeah, something like that.” Said Jet. “Do you think we should try waking her up?” Levy thought out loud. “Yeah, we need to find out where she came from before we go back to the guild.” Said Droy, Levy nodded and turning to the pink-haired girl, gently shook her awake.

“what happened?” The pink-haired girl mumbled, slowly opening her eyes. “Are you okay?” asked Levy, “I think so.” She said, slowly sitting up. “what happened to you?” Levy asked her. “I don’t know, I can’t remember anything.” She said. “Do you remember your name at least?” Said Jet, sitting down by the fire, unusual for him because he almost never stopped moving. “Yes, I can remember that, my name’s Natalie.” She said, smiling a little. “What about your last name? Or your guild?” asked Lily, continuing to circle the fire from above.

“I can’t remember anything except my first name, and as for my guild, nothing.” Said Natalie.

“Can you do magic?” asked Levy, anxious to know more about her. “I don’t think so,” Said Natalie, rubbing her head. “you’re sure?” “I might, but I don’t remember what type.” “Well, we’ll try to help you remember more in the morning.” Said Lily, lying by the fire to keep warm. “I’m with Lily.” Said Gajeel, lying down where he was. “Me too.” Said Droy doing the same, Jet copied him. “Good night.” Said Levy, also lying down. Natalie did likewise.

In the morning, Natalie was the first to wake up. She looked at the people lying down around her, gentle snoring was to be heard every now and then. Natalie sat cross legged and waited for them to wake up. She decided to try and find out what type of magic she used, if she had used magic before.

The dying ambers of the fire gave of little heat and it was a chilly morning. Levy shivered and turned over in her sleep. Natalie stood up and kneeled beside the place where the cheerful fire had been the night before. Her hands seemed to know what to do on their own as she put her hands a few inches over the dying ambers and concentrated as hard as she could.

Suddenly, her hands lit themselves on fire. Natalie managed to stop herself from crying out aloud. She stopped and silently assessed the situation. Her hands were on fire but they didn’t hurt and Natalie was unharmed so she was a type of fire wizard, she placed her hands on top of the ashes and lo and behold, there was a cheerful fire once more.

Natalie grinned, she could use magic after all. She walked a few feet away from the others so she could test out her magic without harming them. She stood still and calmed herself, also closing her eyes. She opened her eyes a few minutes later, her hands were on fire again. She grinned. Now she could test it out. Natalie searched her brain for something, a phrase, a word, something that could make something happen. She had a couple, but she didn’t know what any of them did. But she said them anyway.

“Uh, fire dart!” nothing happened. “hmm, fire slicer!” Again, nothing happened. “fire make, something!” Nothing. “I swear on dragon scales if something doesn’t work I’ll-” She stopped. As soon as she had said dragon, her fire had flared up a little. “I wonder…” she said. She closed her eyes, focusing on what she wanted the fire to do. She opened her eyes and, aiming at a tree in front of her, tried something. “Fire Dragon Talon!” She said aiming a kick at the tree. She hadn’t managed to uproot it but she definitely put a burn on it!

“Yes!” She yelled in triumph, holding her still aflame hands in the air. Suddenly, an array of spells came into Natalie’s head. She remembered what type of magic she used. She looked back at the people asleep on the ground, grinning. Except one person wasn’t asleep. Levy ran over to Natalie, smiling. “So you remembered what magic you use now?” Said Levy. “Yep!” “You’re a dragon slayer?” asked Levy, looking surprised. “Apparently!” said Natalie, looking pleased. “Gajeel’s a Dragon Slayer too!” said Levy. “Is he?” asked Natalie lighting her fists again. Levy looked up at the rising sun. “We need to get going if we’re going to get to the guild by twelve!” she said and heading back to the others to wake them. Natalie followed her. ‘If I don’t remember what guild I belong to before I get there, I’ll join the guild Levy’s in!’ Natalie thought, as she ran towards the others.


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